Feng Xiaogang Cannon: Wang was afraid of offending Wanda poaching to apologize Tencent entertainment news (the Mao Yuqian) in November 19th, 5 creative Feng Xiaogang with "I am not Pan Jinlian" — the original and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun, starring Fan Bingbing, Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Tsung-Han Lee attended the movie roadshow in Shanghai. On the scene, Feng Xiaogang fully responded to the previous battle with’s micro-blog, and summed up in one sentence: "like the six Ye (" old gun son "in the role of Feng Xiaogang) said: ‘I’m not afraid of things’. Li Xuelian is not afraid of anything." At the time, "I am not Pan Jinlian" Enron has grossed billions of dollars, according to Feng Xiaogang, the film’s first weekend box office has occupied more than 6 market share. He believes that this is a response to the fact that Wang Sicong mentioned earlier in micro-blog, "we do not allow you to do not optimistic about the film and reduce the row? To reason, no one and money can not get through, if you are a good box office, we will certainly be in accordance with the procedural process to increase the row." For example: "Feng Xiaogang also continues to Wanda cinema box office weekend reached about 15000000, became the about 9000000 this weekend. You are Wang Sicong, have their own preferences, but Wanda is a listed company, which is the interests of investors in disregard of." "Because of Wanda and Huayi two companies. In retaliation, Wanda director head, this is not a fair approach, so simple." Feng Xiaogang believes that the unfair treatment of his movie is because the two companies have grievances: "arranged below the market average, Huayi is afraid to say, because there is no Huayi theaters, and Wanda possession rate of 13%." He said: after the "rock dog" and "Lu Yao know Ma Li" have encountered a similar situation, then there may be "die romantic history" will also be affected. Here, Feng Xiaogang once again broke Wang Zhongjun (Chairman of Huayi Huayi Brothers Media Corp) was feared by poaching against Wanda, specially went to Wang Jianlin to apologize, but he didn’t give the face, continue to follow the "revenge" to "I am not Pan Jin Lotus" here. "But for the public known as" I am not Pan Jinlian "crowding out would have the same schedule of the" magical animal where "the two films, Feng Xiaogang also clearly responded:" we crowd out the other two films? If we have this ability, we will be out of the National Archives?" He added that the term "Huayi use relationships not let other movie" itself is a problem, "the film on the first day of shooting, Huayi Brothers sold to McIlroy studios, the first Chupin Shiyao Levin pictures, Huayi Brothers sold in this film after only signature no right, no matter the issue for mixed, early on to lock the income, Huayi Brothers, why run Film Bureau said this? We do not want to say that the film bureau is not to Huayi tube, Huayi even Wanda are uncertain, but also get the film Bureau?" [Feng Xiaogang] the response as follows: I think it is something very simple, because of Wanda and Huayi Brothers of the two companies. And this contradiction, Wanda "revenge" revenge to the director’s work on the I, as a director, I really hope my movie can let.相关的主题文章: