Fan Xin man has said and Zhang Jizhong separated ten years to divorce has alarm fan Xin man held a press conference in Phoenix Entertainment News on August 30th, all star exploration broke the news that the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed son Xiao Qi, and Fan Xiao said two people are trying to transfer Zhang Jizhongdan president of the "culture" Jamie property. Fan Xin man temporary evening held a brief press conference, once again explained his marriage with Zhang Jizhong, and Zhang Jizhong claimed to have separated for ten years, over the years in the face of her husband derailed, he has been silently. It is reported that the fan Xin man and Zhang Jizhong married in 2002. But Fan Xinman told reporters, said that in fact, as early as in 2006 has been separated from Zhang Jizhong: "he did a lot of bad things, said there are more shame on him, I feel shy to say, all the troubles, 09 when he is not at home, the old business, and since then he hasn’t come home too the Spring Festival, the 10 year is not completely at home, always living in the United States, then I think his heart is broken, is no longer the person, so I thought at home for two years." In the 14 year, has continued to have a friend to fan Xin man sent Zhang Jizhong and other women’s news, then she also got derailed but then again, Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man has completely lost hope. But separated for ten years, claiming to be generous to mindless fan Xin man never thought of divorce. During the interview, journalists have been hoping fan Xin man can show some evidence of cheating Zhang Jizhong, Fan Xinman told reporters, "she lived (mistress) now I and Zhang Jizhong’s house, also in the family pictures, Toury’s furniture is I bought, she basked in white tea is also my friends." After the Spring Festival this year, Zhang Jizhong was offered a divorce, but the divorce or the divorce proceedings, two people disagree, Zhang Jizhong insisted on divorce agreement, "he told me to open a price, the price I do? In order to divorce, he also stole my things, I reported the police." The alarm details asked, fan Xin man is bowed his head, do not want to talk about.相关的主题文章: