Expert: Western interests as Russia was the enemy of   the world of disorder to blame – Military – original title: Expert: Western interests as Russia against world disorder to blame the world towards disorder and schizophrenia, who had been Zhang Shuhua from the world political chaos lessons at the beginning of the end of the Cold War, the western political elite around the world, found the political map of the world only China several socialist "island". They think "China collapse" in front of, or even ignore the attitude of contempt to exist at that time in Russia, and that western countries already unrivaled in the world, play in international affairs, even can avoid the United Nations, regardless of international law and international standards. Practice shows that the international politics but less than 30 years, is the western political bias, political arrogance and political interests led to world political chaos. The first is the western society itself began to decline, democratic political deterioration, encounter red light, into a political dilemma; the second is to export democracy is the output of the unrest, bring disaster to the world; again is the so-called democratic transition countries suffer, or to hitchhike and lose sovereignty, or fall apart and had to re explore the political reconstruction the road. In the face of the world at the moment of this political chaos, the international community should draw political lessons from the following aspects: one is the western democracy cannot be regarded as equal to anything software program, sell and install on the line; two is not free to export democracy, because it often leads to the confusion; three is the name of democracy under the guise of vigilance in the international in the affairs of labangjiehuo, non-interference in the internal affairs; four are wary of populist xenophobia, ethnic separatism, fascism democratic stage debut lap; the five is to promote the rule of law, to prevent the emergence of false democracy, by a few people kidnapping blackmail inferior democracy; six is the courage to innovation in theory and practice, beyond the western democracy is seven; put in the correct position of democracy and democracy, master degree, effectively manage democracy, democracy will be incorporated into the main channel of comprehensive political development; eight is actively promoting international relations System democratization. "(the author is president of Institute of information Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) (Yan Jiaqi, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: