Environmental monitoring station "smell foul Division: nose to annual   not Lipstick – Politics – people.com.cn original title: environmental monitoring station" smell foul Division: nose examined can lipstick odor assessors sit in cubicles, being detected. Photo by Shi Ziqiang if a job is to smell the odor, can you imagine? When the air quality of the environment is more and more attention, the smell smelly teacher this career began quietly into the public eye. Daming County, Hebei, Handan environmental monitoring station, where the province’s construction of the most standardized smell smell room. 10 famous stinky division, including 2 divisions and 8 foul odor determine the assessors. By virtue of their nose odor emissions exceed the standard to judge whether, given the olfactory identification results will be the basis of environmental administrative punishment, and has legal effect. Li Yingying is the only "90" smell smell discrimination. "We have a lot of work", such as smoking and drinking, the sacred rules of the religious order "is certainly not, before work can not eat garlic, spicy food, nor have rhinitis, once the cold, will be immediately changed. As a female teacher can not smell foul, perfume, lipstick and so on, only "haircut"." Each experiment, usually arranged 6 olfactory discrimination test at the same time, each sitting in a small compartment, the independent evaluation of the odor, like playing a public phone, like, do not interfere with each other. The odor judge will give each of the 3 odor sniffing bag, the bag is equipped with activated carbon purification of clean air, one of which was injected with a very small amount of odor gas samples tested. The olfactory agent needs to determine the target gas in a number of smelly bags. The gas is then diluted and subjected to repeated olfactory discrimination experiments. In the experiment, due to the continuous work will produce the phenomenon of "olfactory fatigue", so after working for one hour, the smell of the need to stay in the fresh air of 15 minutes or so to continue to work. After several rounds of testing, the stench will determine the division according to the test results of the assessors, calculated by the scientific formula of odor concentration. "We have examined the nose every three years, and cars. If no annual, will have to be laid off!" Li Yingying said. Because people’s sense of smell will decline with age, the smell of the age of the division is usually between 18 to 45 years old. "To go through professional training before induction, until it can accurately distinguish the diluted fragrance, odor smell, sweet smell, crispy ripe fruits, such as liquid paraffin at least 5 kinds of gas, but also must hold issued by national professional organizations’ assessors certificate ‘, otherwise it is not allowed for the experiment." Obviously there are instruments, why rely on people to test the smell? Daming County environmental monitoring station into Yan Lei said, according to the "emission standard" odor pollutants, ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulfide, two methyl two sulfur, carbon disulfide, styrene, odor concentration monitoring indicators 9. But the equipment can only detect the concentration of the top 8 single gas, the concentration of the last "odor concentration" this comprehensive smell, often can not determine. In this case, it is necessary to detect the smell of the olfactory test method, and ultimately determine the相关的主题文章: