Djokovic on negative competition: the referee should make judgments and give timely warning Djokovic sina sports news Beijing on November 16th news, recently, a negative competition topic once again caused a heated debate, to participate in the ATP finals in London players on the views of this. With two straight lock top the group ahead of qualifying, Djokovic was asked about the match the US Open semi-finals with Monfils. The first Grand Slam semi-finals Monfils in the semi-final was a bit surprised, he 3-6 2-6 6-3 2-6 not enemy Djokovic, negative competition that arise spontaneously, tennis legend Mcenroe criticized him for not professional". In this regard, as its opponent, Djokovic, what’s the point? "ATP has a special department to solve this kind of problem. Referee, event monitoring, they have the power, I think there must be relevant provisions." "On the other hand, sometimes the referee or oversight, especially the referee, need to make a good judgment, make timely warning of the negative tendency of game players." "Warning players negative competition should be handed over to the referee." "I think the top executives at the ATP board must be working to identify and solve the problem of negative players." For the US Open semi-finals, Djokovic did not make specific comments. "It’s hard for me to evaluate the game, I don’t remember what exactly happened in the semi-finals. He is a player who needs to draw energy from the cheers of the audience. He needs to have a goal to pursue, not just a game, but of course, he also needs to feel the passion from the game." (Qi Qing)相关的主题文章: