UnCategorized When you want to give your carpet a deep cleaning you might be unsure of what method to use. Whether you decide to rent a cleaner and do the job yourself, or hire a professional to handle the job for you, you will probably be overwhelmed by the all the choices involving types of cleaners and cleaning solutions. One of the best and most popular cleaning methods on the market today is the dry carpet cleaning method. It uses a method of carpet cleaning that doesn’t require water or liquid based detergents or cleaning agents. Since using water on your carpets can be risky, and too much water can be damaging, dry carpet cleaning eliminates the concern over allowing your carpet to get too wet. Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of a powder-based cleaning agent. The cleaning agent is usually sprinkled across the carpeting and left to set for a half hour or more. You can also find dry carpet cleaners that can be sprayed onto your carpet. The cleaner is usually spread evenly about the carpet with a brush before leaving it to set. The dry carpet cleaners will almost magnetically attract the dirt and grime to the surface of your carpeting. All of then is get out your vacuum cleaner and take care of the mess. There is a preparation process involved before using a dry carpet cleaner. First, as with any type of carpet cleaner, the floor should be vacuumed free of dirt and debris. This is especially important with dry carpet cleaners, since the chemicals in the cleaner may dissolve any solid objects on the floor into your carpet, creating an even bigger mess for you to clean up. The carpet also needs to be .pletely dry before you start, so if you have any wet spills to contend with blot them with a dry cloth and then let your carpeting dry out! Next you’ll want to spot clean any existing stains in your carpet. So remember, vacuum first, make sure the carpet is dry, and take care of any stains that you might have. As with any type of cleaning process, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions for your carpet before using any type of cleaner. You can also test spot on a small piece of carpet that is hidden to make sure that the dry carpet cleaner chemicals will not lighten the color of your carpet. So if you want to avoid the liquid mess as well as the risks that .e with using water to clean your carpeting, dry carpet cleaning is defintely the way to go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: