E-Books If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you might be inclined to try out new books written by authors in your area. Sure, there are some well-known authors from the Tampa area such as Stephen King (lives there during winters), Connie May Fowler, Linda Crockett Gray, and Sterling Watson. But why not try some new books by talented, up-and-.ing authors? Why not be at the leading edge of a trend with books by Tampa Bay authors who are on the rise? When their books start to hit the mainstream, you can proudly say that you noticed them before the rest of the crowd! Benefits of Reading Up-and-.ing Authors Authors who are just breaking out tend to add flavor to the world of writing. Whether it’s a mystery novel, a self-help book, a children’s book, or a romance novel, an author on the rise brings his or her own perspective and style of writing to each project. When you read a book by a well-known author who’s already published ten or more best sellers, their themes and writing style can be.e too predictable. Reading books by fresh Tampa Bay authors will give you an opportunity to delve into new places with untold adventures and high energy. Up-and-.ing authors usually strongly express their personality and life experiences in their first novel. Though the novel might not be about them personally, their life story and past experiences may ring loudly in its pages. This enables you to get to know a little about the author as well as see what type of storytelling ability he or she can offer. Reading a writer’s very first novel will let you know if this is an author you can always rely upon for great reading. If you find a relatively unknown Tampa Bay author you really like, you’ll possibly have the opportunity to meet him or her in person at local book signings and perhaps even be able to join a waiting list for any new books to be published in the future. Getting autographs is a wise choice, since there’s always a possibility an author might one day be.e famous! Rising Tampa Bay Authors to Consider If you love reading mystery or suspense books, Tampa Bay author E. A. Mourn (writer of Deadly Intuition) will keep you on the edge of your seat with her new Detective Elizabeth Wylde Crime Drama series. This series is expected to be about 40 books long, so you can start with her first one, called Project Dark Savior (released October 25, 2008) and wait on the edge of your seat as new books are released. A second edition of Deadly Intuition is on its way as well! This is a novel with paranormal, suspense, and fantasy elements that are sure to keep you guessing! Another great nonfiction author creating a buzz in Tampa Bay is B. Erin Wylde, author of Where Did I Go? – a heart-warming, enlightening, and hilarious look at motherhood. The book centers on B. Erin’s life when she had to leave a lucrative career as a Manager in a software firm and be.e a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). This book, however, is not just for SAHMs; but is for all mothers, SAHMs and working moms alike. Fathers, after reading the book, usually end up rushing out for flowers once they see life through the eyes of a mother! Because B. Erin has done both, worked and stayed at home, she was able to produce a non-judgmental, and humorous view of life as a mother, both as a SAHM, and as a working mom. She was nominated and attended the Book Expo America 2008 in Los Angeles for a signing of Where Did I Go?, alongside celebrities and authors including Jamie Lee Curtis, Ernest Borgnine, James Patterson, Christopher Palonini, and Muriel Hemmingway. For fun, moral children’s books filled with adventure, fantasy, and vibrant illustrations, a Tampa Bay author named Busy Lizzy publishes great books to encourage learning, respect for others, and a sense of self worth. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, your children will be thrilled to meet this energetic children’s book author in person! Her book Junky Munky and all his Pals is available for download in ebook format. A release as a soft cover, full color book is on the way. These three Tampa Bay authors and many others offer great writing, and you can be among the first to explore the pages of their books. You can easily go online to find books by these and other up.ing authors in your area at places like Amazon or Obsidian Beach bookstores. There’s no better way to spend a free evening or weekend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: