Travel-and-Leisure Golf Holidays in Puerto Rico Tourists pour in to Puerto Rico annually because of its white-sand beaches, natural formations and historical sights but also due to its golf courses. In fact, there are 23 golf courses scattered all over mainland Puerto Rico to choose from. And the number of golf courses in Puerto Rico is not surprising since the island is known as the Golf Capital of the Caribbean. Most golf courses are open to the public and belong to luxurious resorts like the Trump International Gulf Club and the Dorado Beach Resort and Club. Golf courses in Puerto Rico have facilities and amenities to cater to golfers of all levels. Likewise, experience a different type of golfing in Puerto Rico as these golf courses are located close to the beach or surrounded with tall palms or gifted with nice views and sceneries. Most of all, the outstanding beauty of these golf courses are works of art from famous golf architects who were .missioned to design these golf courses. Enjoy the Best Dining Experience in Puerto Rico Dining is one of the things that you can do in any destination that you wish to visit and in Puerto Rico, you will definitely have the best dining experience. Tourists and visitors who visit this tropical island must not miss savoring the local dishes and cuisine of Puerto Rico. Aside from local Puerto Rican cuisine, visitors have many dining choices courtesy of the various restaurants in the island serving different kinds of food from Japanese to Indian. Much more, your dining experience in Puerto Rico is made even better with the nice setting and ambiance of their restaurants and their friendly hospitality. Aside from sumptuous dishes, indulge in unique dining as you dine during sunset along the beach or entertained by local musicians and artists. Most of all, there are plenty of restaurants in Puerto Rico to choose that can surely match everyones budget. Puerto Rico Vacations Getting Around There are many places to explore and discover while you are spending your Puerto Rico vacations. And you dont have to spend a lot since there are transportation choices for every budget. For those with bigger travel budget and want total .fort as they travel within Puerto Rico, there are taxis, car rentals and even private limousines. Taxis can have flat or metered rates depending on how you negotiate with the driver. On the other hand, those who want to save on transportation or on an adventure to socialize and discover the island of their own can use the public transport. Puerto Rico also has its train system locally known as Tren Urban or urban train that connects the capital city of San Juan to other residential places nearby. Lastly, you can also ride a ferry if you wish to visit the other smaller islands of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico: The Perfect Tropical Destination With its pristine beaches and fine weather, the Caribbean is a popular tourist destination and one of the most famous islands is Puerto Rico. As the largest island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico offers many things to anyone who wishes to spend a getaway in this island paradise. Likewise, the island takes pride in its centuries old historical landmarks and sights like forts, plantations and houses. Likewise, you can escape to this paradise anytime of the year as this place experiences perfect sunny weather all year round. Puerto Rico vacations also mean having the best and world class service, amenities and facilities from its various hotels and resorts. Others can also experience cheap vacations in Puerto Rico since rates in this island is relatively lower .pared to other destinations. For American tourists, Puerto Rico is very attractive since it is a US territory, making traveling just like a local destination without any visa, passport or going through the customs and immigration. Therefore, Puerto Rico is indeed the right destination to have your most awaited break. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: