Dingo rampant Australian expert: do the dog can sell Chinese original title: Australia wild dogs want to make canned dog disaster caused by flooding water, sold to the Chinese dingo habitat in Australia everywhere, strong ability to adapt in the desert, grassland and forest environment can survive. The dingo is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and after the local hound hybrid, larger and more aggressive, dare to activities in the vicinity of the village, in order to prevent the destruction of the local ecological and even the protection of personal safety, in the Australian government, there are only about 20 thousand wild dogs will be killed each year. Dog meat is not Australia with much land and few people, we all love, sometimes the hunter will discard the dogs. Recently, the Australian wild dog expert Benjamin Alan said: "rather than let the dogs body rot, as the body of canned sold to Southeast Asian countries Chinese etc.". In support of the Australian government has been producing kangaroos and opossums and other wild animal industry so far. According to eat kangaroo meat friends say "kangaroo meat than chicken meat tough hard, easier to chew than beef, but the taste will feel slightly dry, taste of kangaroo meat, chicken and beef more than a little thick, some people think that kangaroo meat is smell, but personally feel than mutton, to taste a lot of light." This is the dingo small time appearance, is not like the dog? If the Australian government to tame dingoes, do you want to have one? Source: Oriental editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: