Diapers became fireproof materials Wang Xun peace suffered a "million volts" – Sohu   entertainment; xiaosa experience " million; normalized " bell; Sohu entertainment news the first domestic large-scale scientific experiments show "refueling! To the future, will be broadcast at 8 pm on Sunday, CCTV-1 in the period of eighth. In this programme, and to win the Wang Xun peace Arctic expedition tour awards, wearing a "armor" Avatar "flash" super current experience, for audiences a cool "lightning show". This program, Sa Beining will also verify whether diapers is a wonderful charm of fireproof material and the "elephant toothpaste", highlight continuously. Mysterious scene was an explosion of liquid ZhiNiaoKu fireproof material? Two kinds of mysterious liquid mixed up, the gas generated actually have the effect of volcanic eruption, and familiar with the explosion is different, its texture is as soft as toothpaste. The show, four guests to want to personally participate in verification, but the scene suddenly "out of control" will have them away, what is the thrilling scene to let the four guests so confound? But in what can verify the diapers and other three items of the long time fire experiment, the scene there is a kind of unexpected results, let the firemen had to ignite combustible materials to the end of the experiment? The answer must surprise you. This experiment will bring security to our lives what inspired "suspense" flavor of the answer, you will not be disappointed. Xiaosa fun pinball verification "million bell one" ball drop to drop from the clouds around, with a rattle to catch it, in order to successfully get the ball ring rattle, xiaosa, both playing awfully observant and alert. In the face of flying around the ball, what method can make them instantly, and to smooth the hand bell, the bell rang? "Taste million bell and how to solve the one", "come on! To the future, the 8 Sunday evening will bring unprecedented shock to the audience.相关的主题文章: