Developers for the government advances in arrears of experts said the government and enterprises should be the boundary – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Yanji on September 12th news (reporter Ren Mengyan) according to the China voice of "news" reported that due to funding constraints, the Jilin Yanji real estate enterprises: Yanbian Weiyuan real estate development company on the verge of bankruptcy, its should be in 2014 the delivery of the property until today there is no successful launch, the purchase of property owners, creditors repeatedly to find a home for the Weiyuan payment, but Weiyuan has said that their company’s money, had to advance to the local government, in arrears for 6 years. It turned out that in 2008, Yanji had introduced policies to allow enterprises to invest in land acquisition projects. 2010, Weiyuan to undertake a local real estate development projects, the first payment for the land acquisition and resettlement of the government, and this payment has not yet been recovered. Therefore, the development of real estate in Weiyuan due to delays in the delivery of financial constraints. Local government land acquisition, why do you want to pull the enterprise pad money? And why the delay does not return? To listen to the CNR reporter Ren Mengyan reported: in June 2008, the Yanji municipal government executive meeting adopted the "relevant provisions" involved in road construction in the construction of Yanji City, document clearly requires the development of the construction unit or advance all or part of the road construction and demolition compensation fees. Weiyuan company in 2010 in accordance with the provisions of the construction projects, road greening, public land acquisition was levied by enterprises to advance fees, payment of nearly 200 million, in accordance with the provisions of the Yanji municipal government and enterprises will be the future advance fee policy and cash returned to the enterprise. Weiyuan general manager Cai Guojun told reporters that since the Weiyuan disbursements, companies haven’t received the money, led to capital chain tension, and collect money is that commercial lending to the government six years without repayment, interest is very high, resulting in its real estate produced a chain reaction. Cai Guojun said: "the financing cost is particularly high, normal three years have doubled, now six years, could quadruple, homeowners for several years did not pay the house with me to compensation, now two years should hand over the house now for four years did not pay, the loss of two years with me, so now I face huge compensation and compensation, so I must die enterprise. But I can’t take responsibility for policy and enforcement." He could not get him to account, the owners of the house to find his house and liquidated damages, and the capital chain of Weiyuan has long been exhausted, Cai Guojun does not want to understand, it is for the government pad, why six years not only admit the principal government does not recognize the interest? Now I am sure that the enterprise is almost dead, there is no way, did not encounter difficulties, I do for the government. For long time the cost is very high, this is all business loans, says the government does not recognize the interest, but I for the government loan, is to advance the money, certainly of interest, and the interest rate are very high cost, so the enterprises overwhelmed. It should have 2 Yiduoyi, if approved, for me, would not say drag has been for six years, if they want to give me back to." Mr Cai Guojun’s problems are not limited to disputes between him and the government on 2008"相关的主题文章: