"Battle" couples have boyfriend role dislocation glass heart Lei komago painted Xiaoxing Sina entertainment news on September 14th (Wednesday), September 16th (Friday) 22:00, Tianjin TV "love battle" emotional mentor Tu Lei, emotion expert Sin Don Mina, psychological experts director Kou Naixin Bai Yanyi and [micro-blog] and other guests on the show, to defend the most pure love together. If the encounter between men and women in love, in the marriage encounter immature husband, how should have the skills to deal with. Boyfriend Tu Lei too glass heart: a good man does not have a unified standard and small Xing Xiao Sun love two years to break up, in the eyes of her boyfriend komago feel like there is a little girl, special glass heart, motionless cry, what things are preoccupied with their own. "Who take a bath an hour, in addition to the dressing table I left a small amount of cosmetics are his hands, feet, mask film, film…… I don’t even have that." Compared to his girlfriend slightly rough way of life, is a small Xing even today suddenly bought a packet of seeds will also account carefully, especially in small Xing look girlfriend man, if he is not careful could not live, a couple will be complementary character will go long. This seemingly misplaced role of the couple and how to continue? Emotional tutor Tu Lei said: really men and men without uniform standards, many seven footers have not carried the responsibility, many weak men tend to be reliable in the most critical moment. I think the real man to his life, love has a serious, very serious to treat it. Husband immature Sin Don Mina: the more vicious circle of the requirements of the bear in the pre marriage is a football player, very heterosexual. After the marriage with Ms. Wang has now had a three year old daughter, but let the people who suffered a marriage crisis was also his opposite sex too good to be the same as the two. Ms. Wang said her husband a department of four people have a group of three girls, one of whom is two years younger than him, because nearly two people live together often work. Originally sensitive colleagues distance, but because of her husband’s intention to let Ms. Wang under the ban on the car, the copilot position can only belong to me." This section of marriage in addition to "female colleagues", like Mr. Xiong also let Ms. Wang was unable to work, "I want a person to take care of the child, he didn’t have time to do it, the weekend also love playing motorcycle. I think men have no hobbies before what, but not married family." In addition, let Ms. Wang is the most weakness Tucao habit of absent-minded husband. His wife’s dissatisfaction with the bear that she was particularly angry, angry easily." Where is the crux of the couple? Emotional mentor Tu bluntly bear the problem, but also for Ms. Wang put forward suggestions: you want the man to which direction, you stand in that direction to praise him. Otherwise, he can only be farther and farther away from you. When you feel that you have nothing to say, but also from another point of view, who do not want to listen to good." Emotional experts Sin Don Mina also said: in fact, this is a headache in marriage, when his wife increasingly feel her husband"相关的主题文章: