Crooks have been sentenced, and there are hundreds of thousands of cards – liar liar have been sentenced, and the bank card has several hundred dollars to grasp the quality. The day before, the Nanjing Qinhuai court judgement in such cases of fraud. The judge reminded, no matter how small the amount of fraud, to alarm, because the amount of each block Many a little make a mickle., more money is to cheat against. Don’t cheat cheated alarm, very happy, not only because the sentence came out and spend money less. In Beijing, the foreigners are on the rental of the fraud when the name of the defendant accused of fraud. Mei was born in November 1987 in Hunan, Yueyang, only primary school culture. The prosecution alleged that since November 2014, Mei are allowed to carry mobile phone short message sending equipment to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places, to send the contents of specific person is posing as a landlord, the tenant to rent for an appointed account fraud SMS has swindled 52 victims into money more than 29 yuan, after receiving the remittance bank card the police are frozen, Mei quasi real gain of RMB 26 yuan. The reporter saw, the prosecution with a full 5 page back to print A4 paper, 52 pen fraud facts all listed after the quasi mei. In the fact that these fraud, the least cheated more than 500 yuan, up to more than 8 yuan cheated, including a rental in Beijing to live in Spain from foreigners. The indictment referred to as mass SMS devices, is the so-called pseudo base station. This device can temporarily cover the mobile phone network operator’s signal, temporarily take over its coverage of the phone, and then send SMS to the victim’s mobile phone fraud. Send this message is completely random, can receive text messages, the victim’s mobile phone is in the pseudo base station signal coverage, if just in coverage, and just in time to pay the rent on the main point, low vigilance of people very easily deceived. In fact, these victims are so deceived, they see the phone sent to Hello, I am the landlord, the phone number, you save. Also, please call my wife rent card, tomorrow XX Bank: 62122XXXXX003 "such a message, do not hesitate to move. Reporters saw, there are people who are not fooled, in the phone may prevail, it was back to him: you eat shit. Many people do not let liar alarm picked up a great deal of Nanjing Qinhuai after the court case that Mei quasi behavior has constituted the crime of fraud, according to the law, recently sentenced to life imprisonment in four years and ten months – Mei, and shall also be fined. The judge found that in the process of handling cases, the police, according to the existing verified victim seized for the amount of 29 yuan, while in the Mei quasi bank card master, there are hundreds of thousands of the funds deposited on the inside. The source for the money, although people are well aware of this, but, after all, there is no evidence, so there is no way to determine its nature. In the current circumstances, the police seal is a certain period of time, after a certain period of time, the money automatically thaw, the right to return to the right of the right hand. In persuading judges earnestly, and Mei 160 thousand out of cash, then Jiang相关的主题文章: