County arts champion household oolong is returned: why not province reading high school Jia Yongyu Pingchang county is the first liberal arts. Original title: Sichuan college entrance exam to be admitted to schools after tuidang upstream news investigation truth if not the phone, 18 year old Pingchang County of Bazhong City, Sichuan province liberal arts champion Jia Yongyu must have sat in the bright classroom of Zhongshan University, a famous university students. Today, the college entrance examination has been nearly January, Jia Yongyu can only nest in the home, holding the void of Zhongshan University admission notice silently tears. Fill in the exam because of information before the college entrance examination, Quxian County Hukou she attended Pingchang County membership in order to participate in the national special enrollment plan, leading to the unqualified, voluntary admission was canceled. A county liberal arts champion was caught in an embarrassing situation without University reading. In September 20th, after waiting for more than a month, Jia Yongyu finally received the Chengdu University of Technology admission be long in coming. But when she went to school, she hesitated. The 18 year old All sufferings have their reward. arts champion Jia Yongyu in Sichuan province is a high school student in Pingchang, graduated from high school in June this year to participate in college entrance examination. In June 22nd, college entrance examination results, Jia Yongyu inquiry into their college entrance examination scores, the total score of 596 points, more than 2016 Sichuan undergraduate group. More than 56 points. From the Pingchang County Department of Education announced the results of the county’s college entrance examination on the Internet list, Jia Yongyu found himself also became the highest liberal arts college entrance examination this year, Pingchang. Hearing the news, the whole family celebrated 12 years as cheerful as a lark, Jia Yongyu hard, finally All sufferings have their reward. Father Jia Shengquan sincerely happy for her daughter, but also feel guilty: the child can become the county’s liberal arts champion, thanks to their own efforts, to pay a lot of effort than the average person." Because of family reasons, when the child was 8 months old left behind children, commissioned to live in Pingchang County, the rural care of the grandmother, the couple went out to work all year round in Dongguan. Because the distance is far away, I sometimes see a child only a few years, the only way to communicate is the life of time-consuming, occasionally through a phone call, say." 65 year old grandmother Li Shubi a child can not help but mention the pain of tears. The child was brought up in the mountains, Li Shubi every day at five a.m. in the morning to the children to cook, then the child every day more than 1 hours walking road to go to school, smoothly finished primary school and junior high school, and excellent grades in Pingchang middle school. After high school, the child’s grades ranked five in the top grade, she also did not spend money, save living expenses, high school saved thousands of dollars to prepare for college tuition. To check the college entrance examination scores, Jia Yongyu epoch-making out of a long journey to Dongguan, and parents lived for more than a month, during which she alone filled in the university volunteer: national special fill group of Zhongshan University, university group chose Wuhan University. All volunteers are outside the University, she is eager to get out of Pingchang and Sichuan basin. Pingchang county is located in the northeast of Sichuan, with rich and famous xiaojiaolou jiangkouchun liquor, is a national poor county. The county has a population of 1 million, but most of them are living in farming. Jia Yongyu said, camp相关的主题文章: