The toilet brush cleaning aunt cafe "strong disinfection by chlorine fumigation Beijing admission – life daily news August 30th 28 morning, the reporter received a public Harbin Ms. Cheng’s phone:" I like the usual toilet brush, I poisoned? Please help me to investigate!" Reporter multi investigation to help solve the mystery. According to Ms. Cheng introduced, she is an Internet cafe cleaning staff, 22, the day I went to brush the toilet, see the stain is too thick, so that the person in charge to buy hydrochloric acid, immediately with disinfectant liquid, clean toilet spirit mixed down. In a few seconds, I could smell a pungent smell, and then began to shed tears, unable to breathe, very uncomfortable. To the hospital for a check is acute chemical pneumonitis, had to be hospitalized. How do you get this pneumonia? Is there a problem with hydrochloric acid ah?" In this regard, the provincial hospital doctor gives the answer. According to doctors, 84 disinfectant ingredients Ms. Cheng is the use of sodium hypochlorite, Jiece main component is the spirit of hydrochloric acid, a chemical reaction between chlorine will be mixed, chlorine is a toxic gas of yellow green, pungent odor. Inhalation of the human body will seriously damage the respiratory tract, leading to cough, difficulty breathing, serious death. Not to mention a lot of hydrochloric acid mixed with it! "For this reason! Must read the instructions carefully." Ms. Cheng said. Currently, Ms. Cheng’s condition has improved. Disinfectant + toilet cleaner gas is not small in January 27th this year, Qingdao college students Xiao Yang to clean the toilet, first with a toilet cleaner, and then added some 84 disinfectant, then take a "smoke", she felt dizziness, breathing difficulties. The investigation of chlorine poisoning. In November 17, 2014, two students of Kaifeng City inadvertently toilet cleaners and 84 disinfectant mixed together, and then Coushang to smell, adverse reactions occur cyanosis, dyspnea, dizziness, etc.. Department of chlorine poisoning. (Li Weibing)相关的主题文章: