Small Business Choose a Traditional Car GPS Navigator or An in-dash GPS Navigation System? Want to avoid getting lost when you drive to somewhere? Or want to find the shortest road to your destination? What should you do? Quite easy, actually the only you need is a navigation system. GPS, short for global positioning system, was created by U.S. Department of Defense. At first it was used chiefly in the military field, but now this technology has been widely used in many industries, including automotive industry. Generally speaking, GPS applied in vehicles is just what we call car GPS navigation system. Nowadays, there are usually two kinds of GPS in automotive aftermarket. One is the traditional car GPS navigator, it is an external one which is a very .mon set in the cars, and usually its function is simple. The other is in-dash GPS, which .es with many other functions, such as DVD player, radio, steering wheel control, Bluetooth, rear view camera and so on, and usually in-dash GPS refers to those DVD player with GPS navigation, and obviously it is much more .plicated than the another one. In terms of price, .pare two kinds of GPS, and it doesn’t take much imagination to guess that the second kind of GPS will cost you a lot more money than the other kind. But both of them can not only guide you the right way, but also could give you your trip information, such as your car’s location, distance remaining, time remaining, arrival time, and speed limit and so on. Those could ensure your driving safety. So which one to choose? Plan to buy a car GPS, firstly determine how much you want to spend on car GPS for your auto based on your personal financial situation, this will help you narrow down your choices and also help consumers avoid over-spending when buying a GPS navigation system. Then make clear your needs, different people has different functional requirements of car GPS. People who always drive with kids, or people who always have long journey might choose the multifunctional in-dash GPS navigation. They could watch movie, TV, listen to the music or radio, kids could play some games. If you just need the basic and original feature of car GPS, the simple and cheap one is enough. Accuracy of location and travel routes are the most important features of a GPS Navigation System. Before purchasing a GPS, no matter which one you choose, check for it. Before purchase a GPS Navigation System, you’d better visit some online retailers or nearby stores, as the saying goes: shop around, there is always a best. Want to buy a multifunctional in-dash GPS but have no large budget? So why don’t you have a try online? Car GPS in online stores, especially in some Chinese e-.merce web sites like autodvdgps are usually relatively cheap. Maybe you are lucky to easily find the item you prefer to at cheaper price. Still not sure which product to buy? Visit autodvdgps,where you can view various car GPS. Install your car a navigation system, no matter it is a traditional GPS or an in-dash GPS system, you will never get lost or even get late! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: