"China type" relationship: "Chen Jianbin Ma Yili Chinese" worthy of the name "Wu Weizhong" Chinese deductive relation between the original meaning is refers to between people and people, between people and things, the relationship between things and things. Is the Oriental TV hit TV series "Chinese relationship", this "relationship" should be regarded as "the relationship between man and man", the interpersonal relationship is what we often say that "". The play tells the story of Ma Guoliang as the man to the planning and Design Institute of the country suffered a series of middle-aged cadres in officialdom, a double blow, the story of pioneering work in the workplace. From the director of the identity change traction out around a series of "Chinese relation", multi dimension and multi angle of society. [micro-blog] Chen Jianbin played Ma Guoliang, Ma Yili played with [micro-blog] on the plane "returnees" architect Jiang Yinan ‘s first met, will spark. The plane landed, the horse wanted to open the phone to answer the phone, was blocked Jiang, Jiang pointed out that he violated the relevant provisions of the civil aviation. Jiang taxi taxi oil, the driver asked the driver of the previous car to help with a river, I did not expect the passengers on the bus was actually a horse. And two people with the car or go to the same hotel, and with a boss invited guests: one is the design scheme with the nursing home waiting for the approval of the overseas architects, one is in charge of the project director ma…… With the light comedy style story unfolds, the audience gradually entered the series with the idea of screenwriter smile embarrassed in the story, it is naturally brings out all sorts of thinking about "China relation". The play is marriage as a pretext to start the story, but not as this, but efforts to show around the relationship between the various "unlucky" Uncle Ma around the complex "". Small to push cup bazhan wine knowledge, to Weirenchushi attitudes and views, and then to the middle-aged life of hardship, all of which include. "Chinese type relationship" really "Chinese", in a word, is "down to earth". "Chinese style" and "returnees" concept and the wisdom of the collision, but also in the land of China’s reform and opening up to bear fruit. No small meat, still popular. The play Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Zhao Lixin rely on [micro-blog], Hu He [micro-blog] and other actors for the pillars, and Lu in the old drama of bone escort, to prop up a "phenomenon" works. (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章: