Chinese minimum air defense missile weighs only 4 kg debut playing UAV (Figure) authorship: Ordnance technology WeChat ID:binggongkeji eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show site, red 9B, red flag 22 large long-range air defense missile launch vehicle is a huge, huge monster, the audience can only watch the upturned neck. But in the aerospace science and Technology Museum, Shanghai eight Aerospace Academy has brought a only forty centimeters long, only four thousand grams heavier, lighter than rifle anti-aircraft missiles, gave it a very appropriate name "sleeve sword". Figure: "sleeve sword" air defense missile so small air defense missile can be effective, can destroy the enemy? Technical staff to answer the questions on the spot: sleeve sword as the country’s first anti UAV based portable air defense missile, called UAV killer, in addition it can also take into account the fight against some ground targets. The sword sleeve diameter of only 7 cm, weighing 2.5 kg of missile launch system, weighs 1.5 kg, a range of 2 kilometers, propelled by rocket engine, TV head automatic matching guidance, can easily intercept various low altitude UAV, the UAV when hit, the warhead spreading prefabricated fragments, large coverage area, no human escape nets above and snares below. Note: the "sleeve sword" anti air missile launcher in the fight against ground targets, especially the city of fighting terrorism, replacing other types of sleeve sword warhead, such as blast warhead, not only can easily hit the target, and because it is small, can effectively control the target range, to achieve low collateral damage the effect of. According to reports, the hospital technical staff is also considering the development of smaller specifications, 4 cm in diameter pocket air defense, it seems that the sleeve sword this small missile series, the prospects are very promising!相关的主题文章: