China Boxing Championship: Guangdong team Lv Bin won the title in Zhongshan in October 28, Guangzhou daily (correspondent     Shi Shaozong) Friday night at the Zhongshan Coliseum three level China Championship Boxing match, the finale battle is 49 kg of Lv Bin Huang Xin, results from the Guangdong team Lv Bin over 6 rounds in after the fight by unanimous decision victory, won the title China. Lv Bin’s rival Huang Xin is the national championship this year, the tenacious physical good, but not heavy in boxing, Lv Bin Huang Xin dodge flexible, many punches have failed. Lv Bin finally win the game without doubt, and the provisions of the National Games next year to become the No. 1 seed in the game. This is Lv Bin in the first game after the Olympic Games, he swept the Olympic Games "round Tour" shadow, hit the level and their technical characteristics. Both sides are on the national team, Huang Xin’s progress is very large, showing good prospects. On the night of the other two matches, 60 kg class mountain Jun beat Wang Sen won the silver, 75 kg of Hangzhou beat Zhao Minggang won. Editor: GDN006相关的主题文章: