The world’s leading to the three direction of 5 years is the focus at the Zhuhai airshow Chinese army become, shows a large number of foreign China helicopter kind, for example: WZ-10K (air force version WZ -10), WZ-19E (export version of the WZ -19 helicopter), and accessories, all kinds of new ammunition more fantastic look the very idea of. But the most interesting thing is the core of the helicopter – the engine. At the Zhuhai airshow, Chinese to showcase the plane surface model of turboshaft engine type -16, which is considered the next generation of core power unit Chinese armed helicopters, transport helicopters "test version". Many new technologies and new technology needs to be validated by this type of engine, this engine is used for 6 to 8 ton helicopter, the main application of the modular and dual channel FADEC control system, these characteristics are China in a future helicopter engine reserves verification. If these techniques can be applied to our vortex shaft -6 or vortex axis -10, although the power does not seem to care a lot of improvement, cocoa and maintenance will be greatly improved. The future is very much looking forward to a new generation of Chinese helicopters will be applied to these advanced technologies. Chinese is now vigorously developing the army’s "flight", that is to establish a rapid reaction force depends on the delivery of the helicopter. Each of the main forces are equipped with a dedicated armed helicopter troops, while equipped with a certain number of transport helicopters to form a combat force. Because the number of the Chinese army in the forefront of the world, therefore, modernize this necessarily requires a lot of long-term investment and can be completed by the end, now, Chinese is still lacking in this aspect, the main problem is the lack of a core Chinese with heavily armed helicopters and general transport helicopters, this is the distance from the U.S. the "air assault division" the biggest gap. Now Chinese established rapid reaction force, the largest is the trip, the U.S. military’s "division" in the distance there is a gap between the number of the number of helicopters, we do not say that, if the amount can not catch up with us, to enhance the quality of the more difficult. The U.S. military is currently a division of the helicopters 200 or so, according to our army disclosed air assault brigade number is 112 helicopters, only the number has yet to be improved, and China to all the main forces are equipped with such a scale, the gap will be more than 500 aircraft of this gap. For just received 1000th helicopters China army, to find the gap. The show chased and display technology has been very obvious, how to transform the production capacity is the next stage of the observation point. At present, Chinese army also can only use this kind of straight eight large helicopter as universal helicopter to transport, so straight -20 absent from the Zhuhai air show, it shows that Chinese also need to continue to work hard. When did you ever? Army equipment is heavier the better. But up to now, due to the changes in the battlefield environment and the requirements of the army assault speed upgrade, in fact, more and more heavy equipment to play space is relatively small, light and easy to make a surprise!相关的主题文章: