After more than half China 85 plan to purchase mostly rely on their parents to help Sohu (the news published in the "Chinese Economic Weekly" in 2016 forty-fifth) "China Economic Weekly" reporter | labor Jiadi Shanghai reported Ellis report released in November 9th, "millennials" is defined as 22 ~29 years old, is 85 90. In the past, the media and the public for their depiction of Facebook, escape the "rebellion" of "pioneer" "individuality" label, but in this report on consumer demand, this has gradually become the main force of the labor market and consumer groups are surprisingly conservative. "Because of high prices, we noticed that 61% of millennials now live with their parents, the proportion is 90% in Hongkong, but nearly half of the respondents plan to move out of mainland in the next two years, and no matter whether it is to live with their parents or rent, 57% people plan to purchase real estate in the future, the degree of enthusiasm for the house in Asia." This is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment companies in China research department director Xie morning to China Economic Weekly said. Other analysts explained to reporters, because of this age as marriage, is the so-called buyers just need the crowd, such a high proportion is still to some extent reflects the future demand for the real estate market support. In addition, despite the high prices, because of the support of parents, millennials have not stopped the pursuit of the quality of daily life. 23 millennials rely on their parents to buy Wu Yuchen into the American enterprise software development department for a year, is the standard 90, because I have been studying for three years at the University of Wisconsin in the United States, so far there is not much economic accumulation, but he can’t wait to settle in Shanghai, in a Jiading subway station and Shanghai across the Kunshan Huaqiao bought a house. Study abroad for three years, a great opportunity to buy a house to buy, let parents support the down payment, the car said." He passed the idea to reporters also got a lot of resonance. Born in new media practice Amy in 1992 next year to get out of the ivory tower, but also unwilling to remain out of the limelight in this wave of housing prices in the big bang like a raging fire, parents buy capital into economic support. There are even 90 after school, told reporters that more than 20% of the students have joined the army. Survey shows that China’s millennials will save 22% of their income in the Asia Pacific region. This not only shows that this group still inherits the good habit of saving, but also reflects the future purchase of rainy day and raise the children and other major expenses. "Although at the moment no real millennials more than half plan to buy, but the purchase of capital has become the biggest problem, whether in the form of a loan to purchase, in the family room, more than 23 of the Chinese millennials are funded by parents." Xie Chen explained to reporters. And this proportion in the north of the metropolis is likely to be higher. Qin Ming, born in 1988, has struggled to a middle position of the Internet giant, although now after tax annual salary of more than 400 thousand yuan, and accumulated a deposit of $1 million, he is still on the.相关的主题文章: