China Naval Air Force bombing the enemy occupied reef in the East China Sea combat exercise original title: China’s naval aviation continuously in the East China Sea raiding bombing the enemy occupied reef recently, China’s South China Sea fleet of the Navy and the East China Sea Fleet were carried out a series of air combat exercises, including inter night flight, the bombing of the "enemy" for reefs and other content, the scene is very spectacular! Cross day and night flight training to enhance the force of all-weather capability along with a huge roar, a Flying Leopard fighter took off from Hainan airport to the formation of a predetermined airspace raid. A few minutes later, the aircraft arrived at the target airspace, rapid descent altitude. After long endurance hedgehop, shoulder strike mission fighter fleet arrived one by one goal, ready to implement the assault. In view of the problems of easy to be found in the day and night, and the tactical intention is easy to be exposed, the aircraft takes the cross roundabout interference protection, and carries on the offensive and defensive conversion and the coordinated cover. After the avoidance of air defense radar surveillance, the successful implementation of the raiders. As night fell, the first to complete the task of the assault fighter gradually return. After a quick overhaul, ground personnel supply, training out again, then transferred to training courses at night. Flying at night without reference, easy to cause the difficulty of the aircraft operation, yaw, and close air danger dangerous trek. The pilot can only visually judge the state of the aircraft through the instrument data. In addition to the use of pilot familiar cockpit equipment, but also to master various types of emergency disposal methods, the relative difficulties increased a lot. A CCTV reporter exclusive for the South China Sea Fleet Aviation Division pilot Yuan Fei, "the night of the sea at low altitude, low clouds, the weather is complicated, many kinds of ships and sea birds, flight safety pressure, we maintain a good flight state at the same time, also completed a variety of combat training courses." The inter day and night training time is long, covering the assault ships, port shore targets, offensive mining and low altitude airport bombing combat visual tasks, tactical action, the use of weapons complex, all-weather combat pilots, long-distance maneuvers and assault the penetration ability and temper. Low weather live fire drills improve bombing accuracy of East China Sea fleet air arm a flight mission to organize a practical use of weapons to assault bombing exercises on the enemy occupied reef, low in weather conditions the exercise of the covert penetration, airport bombing and other subjects, the ability to effectively exercise the group all pilots in the actual use of weapons. A CCTV reporter for CCTV reporter an exclusive exclusive Delta for map the exercise, as the first batch of new pilots, in order to complete the 50 kg bombs. Then, the old pilots as second batches, driving a 250 kg bomb mount live, with a 10 minute interval turn off. After taking off, they are strictly in accordance with the actual requirements, reduce the height of low altitude penetration in hidden enemy radar scanning area, in close range, quickly jumped into the attack route. After correcting the wind speed and aiming at the target, the pilot dropped the bomb. The bombs hit the target in seconds after flying in the air. Then, the pilot opened the afterburner quickly jumped from the battlefield. It is understood that the live fire bombing exercises, dozens of pilots participating the regiment flew dozens of sorties, throwing.相关的主题文章: