Chengdu to build ecological happy beautiful village to see how the land consolidation upgrade – Beijing Lin pan for the stranger unfamiliar words in Sichuan people heart, but with a unique taste of nostalgia. In the Western Sichuan plain, Lin disk general by Lin Yuan, the courtyard and the periphery of the composition of cultivated land. The whole house was hidden in the tall trees and green bamboo. But with the passage of time, increasing migrant population, many houses in disrepair, lack of maintenance, no longer drains water bamboo, the environment needs to be in. At the same time, the living pattern of forest type, residential distribution is relatively dispersed, the arable land is too fragmented, infrastructure, public services need to be improved, the scale and quality of arable land should also be integrated to enhance. By leveraging what resources, improve farmers’ living conditions? How to ensure that the village does not affect the transformation of farmers continued steady income? How to retain nostalgia in improving the environment at the same time? The day before, the reporter into the Sichuan Chengdu, the answers to these questions. The house was built, the environment has improved, the rural traditional Modiu 10 months late, the light rain in the Chengdu plain has some cold. The top of rain, into the Pixian Qing Gang tree three weir Town Village, looked at the spread in the countryside, Lin plate between the new homes, fenqiangdaiwa, looks green trees; houses, green road connected, streams around; Fangqianwuhou, some vegetables, some flowers, full of pastoral water charm. Green bar tree village Party branch secretary Han Zhong said, the original village is not like this. The village covers an area of 2.4 square kilometers, scattered with 932 households, a 100 acres of arable land to thirty or forty households in housing, land is full of farming, sprinkle sesame salt type. Cooking by burning firewood, draft can only be groundwater, the villagers to improve living conditions, the desire to expand the scale of arable land is very strong." How does the wish come true? Change began in 2012. This year, the tree village Qing Gang became one of the 3 "group." the key demonstration village of Pixian. "Micro group", refers to the process of village planning and construction must adhere to the small-scale, group type, micro ecological garden. Chengdu city land development management service center director Zhao Guangde said, "the group based micro" molding is the comprehensive improvement of land consolidation and reclamation and development, including. In the past, some places in the land are "big planning, big circulation, large concentration, led some farmers to be upstairs; then some places in the centralized resettlement, and the scale is too small, too scattered point problem. Try to try, not to engage in large-scale village merger, does not change the rural landscape "group." model came into being. In accordance with the appropriate poly poly, Yi scattered, the principle of Chengdu city proposed the construction of the new village of happiness and beauty of 100 to 300, in the layout of a number of groups formed by each group to be suitable for 20 to 30. The building retains Fangqianwuhou "garden" and "garden" and "small orchard". This year, 44 year old Qiu Yingqu, is the village of green blue bar. When the reporter saw him, he was sitting in a clean and warm home watching tv. "It used to be a house in which people lived in the 80s.相关的主题文章: