Self-Improvement Massimo and I were having coffee. Out of the blue he says to me, can you hit a 95 mph fastball? If it is possible, I guess we can always go down to Safeco Field, I answer. Perhaps we can find one of the Mariner’s pitchers to throw us batting practice, and take a shot at a couple of pitches. Our conversation gets me thinking about how we approach things that seem impossible. I mean really, what are the chances I can hit a fastball going almost hundred miles an hour? What were the chances of getting a pitcher to actually throw pitches to us? At the pitching places, the fastest machines only pitch at about 65 mph. Regardless of whether we actually found someone or not, the idea that we’re actually willing to go down there and give it a shot, encourages me. I figure if Massimo and I go to Safeco Field and go to batting practice, maybe we’ll get lucky. What happens if we get a bloop single or throw the bat in front of the ball and get a bunt? Hey, it could happen. I realize our chances of hitting the ball are really slim, maybe less than slim. But, at least if we are actually there, it is a possibility. It reminded me a lot of selling things door to door. You have to figure sooner or later somebody was going to buy what you’re selling. But if you didn’t knock on any doors, you were certain that you wouldn’t sell anything. So we start talking about how we seem to limit our chances with our own negative self talk. I know there isn’t much of a chance for a hit, and maybe that chance will be 1 or 2%, but I do know one thing, if we don’t go down to the field there is a 100% chance we won’t get a hit. I guess the point of our whole discussion over coffee, was to remember who we listen to and how we let them affect us. If we listen to everyone who told us we couldn’t do something, we probably wouldn’t accomplish anything, and that person would be right. We decided right then and there it was time to say "no mas". The next time somebody says, we can’t do something, our answer is going to be: "You know what, we’re going to Safeco Field, have a nice day!" Copyright (c) 2008 Brooke Consulting Co. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: