UnCategorized AC/DC is an Australian band, which was formed in Sydney. This rock band has been formed by the efforts of two brothers, who were born in Scotland, Malcolm Young and Angus Young. This band has always stressed that their music is based upon rock and roll, but the band has been famous for singing hard rock and heavy metal. The past record of this band has shown that AC/DC has been the pioneers of heavy metal. The most successful album of this band has been Highway to Hell, which was released in the year, 1979. This band has sold more than 200 million albums, till the year 2008. The worldwide popularity of this band can bee seen in the sale of albums. Brian Johnson (lead vocalist), Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Phil Rudd (percussion and drums), Angus Young (lead guitarist) and Cliff Williams (bass guitarist and backing vocalist) are the members of AC/DC. Since the inception of this band, it has released a number of popular albums including For Those About To Rock We Salute You, Black In Black, Highway To Hell, Powerage, Black Ice, Stiff Upper Lip and a number of other poplar albums,. The live concerts of this band have great demand. Every year, the band goes out on a nationwide tour, in order to do concerts, in a number of cities of America including Texas, Washington Dc, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Florida and a number of other cities. The fans of this band anxiously wait for the yearly tour, during which AC/DC performs live, in famous and popular musical arenas, in order to entertain their fans, though their banging and mind boggling performances. The highway to Hell has proved to be the milestone in the career of this band. This album has helped a lot in proving the band, as a typical rock and roll band. The concerts of this band have great endurance and the fans love to travel along with the band to the cities, where the band goes to for concerts. AC/DC tickets for the new concert series are being sold and people are bustling to buy the tickets, for each and every concert. There is no chance to miss the concerts, if you will purchase AC/DC tickets in time. The selling of albums and the selling of AC/DC tickets have always helped in proving the popularity and demand of this band. Their upcoming concerts are going to be as successful as they have always been. If you are also one of the fans of AC/DC, then hurry up and buy AC/DC tickets from internet. You can purchase the tickets from the website, which will be offering you the tickets, comparatively at reasonable price. The concerts of this band will continue till the end of this year. Therefore, you have ample opportunities of watching your most loved rock and roll band, performing, live in front of you, in famous and popular musical arenas. This band will be performing live in a city near you. Then what are you waiting for? Go and buy AC-DC tickets for all the concerts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: