The British found the country’s second or 50 to 70 year old lobster has "old age" – Sohu news lobster "JJ" in August 28,   according to foreign media reports, a British diver earlier this month at the same time found a giant lobster. This "big" weighs 7.65 kilograms, is found in British waters of the "second" lobster. It is estimated that it is between the ages of 50 and 70. Reported that the scientists under the name of the Rio Olympic men’s super heavyweight boxing silver medalist Joyce (Joe Joyce) name for the giant lobster named JJ". According to reports, "JJ" weight of 7.65 kilograms, is the heaviest lobster found in British waters since 1931. The British National Marine Aquarium in Portsmouth has received the lobster. Aquarium curator White (James Wright) said, "JJ" has been out of the water for some time, is currently observing its health. White said that due to the growth of JJ is affected by multiple factors, it is difficult to determine how old it is, but it is estimated to be about 50 to 70 years old. The maximum number of "lobster in 1931 was found in Cornwall coast, this lobster weighs 9 kilograms, is Europe’s most heavy lobster.相关的主题文章: