Born in Haikou baby how reimbursement maternity insurance? Look at the birth of a baby in Haikou, how reimbursement maternity insurance? Come on, Haikou Social Security Bureau Maxivista you yesterday (8) morning, the reporter learned from the Haikou City Social Security Bureau, to standardize Haikou maternity insurance benefits payment business processes, according to the "Hainan province urban workers maternity insurance regulations" and "Regulations", the combination of Haikou City maternity insurance benefits payment service the actual work, the Haikou Social Security Bureau to develop a cost of birth insurance medical treatment payment business process. Reimbursement process of medical institutions is different in different A family in the designated medical institutions of Haikou City, the insured person holding my ID card (practitioners need to hold both unemployed spouse identity card and marriage certificate), social security card, birth certificate (birth certificate of service), prenatal check invoice and list other materials, live in family the maternity insurance designated medical institutions at discharge of Medicare window direct reimbursement, the maternity insurance designated medical institutions for network transmission and the social insurance agency audit settlement. B in Haikou City, non designated medical institutions birth insurance unit or insured person needs to submit birth reimbursement materials, and then by the Department of occupational injury and maternity insurance maternity insurance service window staff examination. After the review, the review needs to check the settlement, and then approved by the fund and the leadership of the Department, the end of the fund will be subject to maternity insurance treatment unit account or personal account. Required materials 1. Invoice, invoice and detailed list (signature on back); 2. Hospital home page, discharge summary; 3. Unit bank account or personal bank account (account name, bank account, account number); 4. Identity card (original and photocopy, and on the copy of the contact, contact telephone number); the man insured to provide both the identity card and marriage certificate (original and photocopy); 5. Birth certificate (original copy) and discharge records or birth death certificate; 6. Birth certificate (original copy); 7. Other materials provided by the social insurance agencies according to different circumstances.相关的主题文章: