Medicine Oxygen therapy is a medical procedure of providing a patient with artificial oxygen. SeQual Eclipse is a portable oxygen cylinder which is used for this purpose. It provides the patient air with higher concentrations of oxygen as .pared to the surrounding air. The invention of this product is one of the remarkable achievements of humans in the field of medical science. The working of these cylinders is not .plicated; all it does is take in the air from the surroundings, remove all unwanted particles and gases, and then provides it to the patient. This cylinder is smaller and easily transportable than other cylinders hence making it possible for patients to easily carry it while travelling and also making their life-style better and more .fortable. It gives the patients the freedom of movement without any hindrance even when a person is carrying it with him. Eclipse Portable Oxygen .es with its pack of accessories which adds to the facilities that the patient can enjoy. It has a .plete travel kit which includes its bag, charger, and a battery thus enabling the patient to enjoy his travel without any troubles. These can be used while the patient is driving car, doing his household work, during air travel or any other regular activity. These have FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval therefore they can be used during air travel. Since they are light weight and small in size, they fulfill the needs of old patients. It can be moved from one place to other with minimum effort using its wheel cart. Eclipse Portable Oxygen provides the patients with 24×7 oxygen supply due to its mobility. They supply the patients with oxygen in both continuous and pulse mode. The fact that their maintenance cost is less is the reason why the patients prefer buying them. These have made it possible for the patients to live their life at ease without concerning about their oxygen supply since that is taken care of by these concentrators. In case the patient is travelling for a couple of days or more, they prove to be effective since they can be easily charged and runs on a/c and d/c supply too. It can even be charged from the cigarette lighter in the car. Characteristics like small size, convenience, light weight, easy to carry, simple to operate, easily chargeable makes SeQual Eclipse desirable and reliable for the patient. It is the most suitable product for the patients undergoing oxygen therapy who do not want to .promise with their daily routine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: