Believe your evil! Look at the animation pose: "blade teeth" to learn the cold knowledge 11:2016 0923 (gold) in the world have to cut off the stone scissors. Penguin: good bully ah, that full hand muscles, you will win anything 16:2016 0923 (gold) if a good physical exercise, even if the meteorite fall down to the most change a good pain". (Penguin mother: I believe your story.) 17:2016 0923 (gold) can greatly reduce the harm. 19:2016 0923 (gold) completely confused the author’s knowledge, which is fabricated, which is true. 20:2016 0923 (gold) grip × weight × speed = damage. 31:2016 0923 (gold) can beat 3 people at the same time, even if there are hundreds of enemies can win. 44:2016 0923 (gold) reply to the 31 floor: not a person of the 4? 37:2016 0923 (gold) battle position of the three battle. Many kinds of comics, in addition to the mainstream of the harem fighting, there are many loopholes and professional comics. For example, medicine, economics, survival, small partners in the animation school what cold knowledge? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: