Beijing – VIDEO – Jiangxi Nanchang dump heavy rain caused waterlogging in Jiangxi Nanchang water bubble car parked in a nice hobble dump heavy rain caused waterlogging water bubble car parked in a nice hobble [comment] August 25th afternoon, Jiangxi Nanchang ushered in a storm in the lighting accompanied by peals of thunder, the city waterlogging much happened, such as transportation influenced. Located near Nanchang Honggutan Changjiang Road subway station in the Phoenix Avenue because of rainfall caused floods in the road, the deepest water is not enough to an adult man’s knee, a lot of people just out of the subway can only stand on the steps of dry shore fire stop rain. In addition to bus and a few tall car in the flood is still ahead, most passing cars are discouraged, still in the face of the rising flood in a nice hobble, only to stop the bubble in the water waiting for the water receded. For a time, the road traffic is almost paralyzed. Until late in the evening, the rain stopped, the flood receded, the traffic has been restored to normal. According to the Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory news, the next two days, due to the impact of cold air southward, Jiangxi, there are still more showers or thunderstorms, at the same time, the temperature will also begin to decline, the end of the province’s hot weather in Jiangxi. Reporter Huashan, Nanchang, reported on the相关的主题文章: