Beijing price supervision bureau check WAL-MART individual price behavior misleading consumer price supervision bureau in the morning to check WAL-MART "Spring Festival special price" how to mark? During the period of Washington on purchasing price is special purchases for the Spring Festival, contradictions and unfair price prone period. Starting today, the municipal development and Reform Commission launched a three day unified inspection day activities, the reporter followed the morning Price Supervision Bureau and his party came to WAL-MART Xuanwu stores, corrected the supermarket on the price tag of the small problems. 9 in the morning when the WAL-MART supermarket has gathered a large number of people to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. In the electronic zone, a price of 999 yuan reputation product Y61 with eye-catching signs say "Spring Festival special"". Price inspector to the relevant person in charge asked: "since it is a special price, then the original price is how much?"" In a word, the person in charge of the house: "this is new listing."." The inspector immediately spread the knowledge to the person in charge: "a listing, according to 999 yuan to sell, this is not a special price.". You can write new products on the market, you can’t write ‘Spring Festival specials’. If not changed, it will be suspected of price fraud." A box of wine gift area did not escape the discernment". This bottle of 52 degree doukan price 99.8 yuan, and write the original price of 498 yuan. Inspector told reporters: "the original price must meet two conditions: the first is in the business premises within 7 days before the promotion of transactions, second is the lowest trading price within 7 days.". If we check the consumption records for a while, we find that this bottle of liquor does not meet this condition, we can not write the original price of 498 yuan." Four bottles of yogurt packed together sold, but marked "two bottles of 20 yuan" label. A consumer picked up the four bottles of yogurt and asked the reporter, "is that 20 yuan?"" The answer is not as good as the consumer wishes, the price is two bottles of 20 yuan, so the four bottles are actually sold 40 yuan." After the inspector pointed out that the misleading consumer price behavior, the supermarket administrative aspects of the responsible person said, must immediately correct. Price supervision bureau relevant person in charge Jia Xiaoqiang told reporters, the inspection found that, as a whole, the basic norms, there are only some misleading consumers individual price behavior. According to the law, misleading price behavior will be warned, if the situation is serious, will be punished by the highest 500 thousand. Yin Chengyue J241 source: Beijing evening news [Sina] shares into the financial discussion

北京价监局查沃尔玛 个别标价行为误导消费者   价监局上午查沃尔玛 “春节特价”该怎么标?     本报讯 每逢年货大采购期间,也是价格矛盾和不正当价格易发时段。今天起,市发改委开展了为期三天的全市统一检查日活动,记者上午跟随市价监局一行来到沃尔玛宣武门店,纠正了该超市在价格标签上存在的小问题。   上午9点时分的沃尔玛超市已经聚集了大量来买年货的市民。在电子专区,一款售价999元的誉品Y61就用醒目的标志写着“春节特价”。价格检查员向相关负责人询问:“既然是特价,那么原价是多少钱?”一句话问住了这位负责人:“这是新上市的。”检查员马上把知识普及给这名负责人:“一上市就按999元卖,这就不算特价。您可以写‘新品上市’,不能写‘春节特价’。如果不改,就会涉嫌价格欺诈了。”   礼品区的一盒白酒也没逃过检查员的“法眼”。这瓶52度的杜康标价99.8元,并写着原价498元。检查员告诉记者:“原价必须满足两个条件:第一是在本营业场所内促销前7日内有交易,第二是这7日内的最低交易价格。如果我们一会儿查消费记录后发现,这瓶白酒并不满足这个条件,就不能将498元写成原价。”   四瓶酸奶包装在一起销售,却标着“两瓶20元”的标签。一名消费者拿起这四瓶酸奶问记者:“这是一共20元的意思吗?”答案却不如消费者所愿,标价是两瓶20元,所以这四瓶其实是卖40元。”在检查员指出该误导消费者的标价行为后超市行政方面相关负责人表示,一定马上改正。   价监局相关负责人贾晓强告诉记者,这次检查发现,整体来看基本规范,只存在一些误导消费者的个别标价行为。 法律规定,误导消费者的标价行为,将受到警告,如果情况严重,将受到最高50万的处罚。殷呈悦 J241 来源:北京晚报 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: