Beijing public rental housing into "third party management" mode of service – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing November 14th news (reporter Kong Xiangxin) reporter 14 from Beijing city affordable housing construction investment center was informed that the center has identified the "third party operation" service mode for Tongzhou District 6 projects. Recently, the 6 projects in the first batch of more than and 300 public rental housing tenants have handled the formalities for rent. In addition to public rental project of municipal co-ordination, Beijing city affordable housing construction investment center professional management team, will provide professional services for the first time belonged to the public housing project. According to reports, the 6 public housing project was the Pearl River Dongdu international project, tonre Greenville project, New International (Yongshun Business Park) project, in home A site project, West set project and Tongzhou 0604 blocks from the metro project, building a total of 1686 sets, a total construction area of about 85 thousand and 600 square meters. Reporters learned that, for the Beijing municipal co-ordination of public rental projects, providing management services are generally responsible for the construction of affordable housing investment center in Beijing. Public rental project of each district is generally held responsible for the operation of each unit area, part of the district will also cooperate with the city investment center, through the establishment of the joint venture company, the joint venture company in accordance with the municipal investment center operation management mode and standard operation. Beijing city affordable housing construction investment center responsible person, in cooperation with Tongzhou, is actually the standardized operation management service output of Beijing city affordable housing construction investment center, purchase of services by local government departments, realize the diversification of public rental holding, standardized operation. "Now the city level public rental project operation service is to meet the ISO9001 certification, and the future of Tongzhou’s 6 projects will be carried out in accordance with the operation of the unified standards of service." The responsible person said, as a result, these belonged to the project in operation service standards, especially property, social management of concern to ordinary people will be improved, and there is a formal process of standardized operation. It is understood that, in addition to Tongzhou District, the third party management model is also expected to further expand to hold public rental housing in Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai and other regions.相关的主题文章: