Beijing cancel "sb sb adjustment" 74 wonderful proof "somebody is someone that" someone "living proof"…… With immediate effect, these wonderful proof was canceled. Executive meeting of the municipal government held the day before yesterday, the city canceled the first batch of 74 government departments to adjust the requirements of the various types of grassroots issued, and made it clear that the government is not allowed to prove. The floating population have proof 33 proof from "run" to "government", take the internal investigation or information sharing way for the convenience of the public service. At the same time, also for the first time the use of personal commitment, the parties written statement, etc., to play the role of personal integrity and self-discipline of citizens. JINGWAH Times reporter Sayuki Liang > > current situation proves no significance at present nearly 70% grassroots grassroots issued proof of the city a total of more than 190, almost every day that residents, neighborhood streets open all kinds of all kinds, such as "no criminal proof" someone in the community was bitten by the dog that "no". The history of drug abuse proof ", subdistrict offices and neighborhood committees average annual amount of nearly 10000 pieces of acceptance. According to the Municipal Audit Reform Office of the responsible person, the survey found that almost all one base, from birth to death, including marriage and family, housing services, social security, health care, household income, property status, employment, political censorship, transportation, education services more than 10 categories, the certificates require grass-roots units relates to city and district two levels of government departments, as well as the court, alliance and bank, insurance, aviation, railway and other state-owned enterprises. Some of these proofs have played a certain role in the social management, but some have interfered with the normal work of the grass roots to some extent. "In fact, nearly 70% of that is issued by the grassroots", although do not know the meaning of unwillingness ", but had to open." > > measures to prove the direct cancellation of 20, according to the introduction, in the first to cancel the adjustment of the 74 basic proof, there are 20 sets of the basis for the abolition or simplification of the way, direct cancellation. For example, the original for couples filing units issued "apply for a second child" that is cancelled with the full implementation of the two child policy. There are 1 home (Village) can not issue a certificate issued by the applicant to adjust the relevant management department issued. Such as when handling matters requiring the applicant to submit the residents of the neighborhood issued no criminal record, in accordance with the management authority, the adjustment to the district police station to open proof. In addition, the city will be changed to the 53 trial to prove the use of other ways to deal with, to reduce the number of people working to prove the link back and forth. 33 proved by the internal government docking in the adjustment of the handling of the 53 proof, there are 33 proof of cancellation, transferred to the Department of internal investigation or information sharing approach. Such as "inspection and registration into the city’s adult floating population have proved". The adjustment for the floating population have passed the national electronic platform for the query, is no longer required to submit proof of domicile to the township, the town government issued. There are 11 proof, with valid documents submitted by the applicant, valid documents can be handled, do not have to open the relevant evidence. If unemployed personnel in the application of low rent housing, to change the home submitted by the applicant.相关的主题文章: