Beijing, a nursing home fire destroyed the scene wounding families sued awarded Beijing – 74 year old Chen paralysis of the lower limbs in nursing homes during the fire rooms for a large area of the body burns, after more than a month and died. After the incident, the family will be Chaoyang District Shengze peak in the old apartment Chen to court. In the trial, the defendant believes that Chen won’t listen to smoke in the room on fire, should bear responsibility for their own. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to compensate the deceased’s family of 56 yuan. The old man was burned to death: August 2007, Chen due to paralysis of the lower limbs by the family to Chaoyang District Shengze peak apartments for the elderly. March 14, 2014 at around 3 in the afternoon, Chen living room fire, Chen was burned. The staff found after the fire, Chen will be rescued and rushed to the hospital. In the meantime, apartments for the elderly to advance 50 thousand yuan for medical expenses. After diagnosis, Chen burn area of 45%, multiple body, mild inhalation injury, etc.. In April 25th of the same year, Chen died of lung infection, respiratory failure. It is reported that Chen room staff was to extinguish the fire, the nursing staff will clean up the scene of the fire, and burned the mattress to get outside the hospital. After cleaning up the scene of the fire, the nursing home to inform the family, the family members of the evening 11:30 alarm. Later, the fire department conducted an investigation on the fire, but did not identify the cause of the accident. The fire department fire scene photos taken shows mainly in the fire site outside of the bed near the bedside table, bedside table placed ashtray, fire items are mainly Chen mattress and bedding, bed and bedside cabinets are part of smoldering, near the bedside of the wall was smoked black. In addition, there are some unopened cigarettes and a few lighter in the room. Because many consultations with nursing homes failed, Chen’s wife and daughter to sue each other. They think, because the defendant failed to fulfill security obligations, resulting Chen died after burns. In this regard, the defendant should bear the liability, the prosecution asked the other party to pay medical expenses, funeral expenses and mental damages solatium totaling more than 56 yuan. Defendant: the smoking brewing fire Shengze peak apartments for the elderly, the fire caused by the non intentional or negligent, the defendant after the incident to make adequate security obligations. In this case, the room where all the appliances are only TV and drinking fountains, all electrical appliances and sockets are not burned or abnormal phenomenon. There is no fire or the room added kindling. Can be seen through the scene, burned area is very small, you can accurately determine the location of the fire on the ground near the foot of the bed. In addition to cigarette butts on the bedside table, holding a cigarette holder, then interior of others, is not difficult to infer the cause of the fire was caused by chen. In this case, there is no fault of the defendant on the cause of the fire, do not assume any liability for compensation. The nursing staff Chen under investigation by the fire department said, in the afternoon, Dean scanned the room not found strange, but after she saw the smoke corridor, Chen found the room on fire, between ten minutes. She said that the elderly usually smoke, the staff verbal prompts, the room also posted a tip, but the other does not listen. Fiji相关的主题文章: