A behind the scenes deal with Russia? Ukraine hero female pilots accused of treason – Sohu military channel, Fuqin SA text with map: the face of the media in russia. Observer network synthesis: according to Russian media reported on October 27th, in Ukraine before the "national hero" in section 26, Nadezhda? SA Fuqin visited Moscow Russia’s Supreme Court, was sentenced in Ukraine with Russian nationalist Nicola? Carle Piuk and Stanislav Krech?. Savchenko was killed by Russian and Russian reporters, sentenced to imprisonment, this time into Russia by Russian President Putin to become its first entry into Russia after the amnesty. But in Ukraine politicians view, has been successfully sued Russia she arrived in Russia, is questionable, they consider the prior agreement with Russia, which accused of "treason Fuqin sa". According to reports, Karl Pugh J and Krech in Russia were sentenced, two people from 1994 to 1995 for the Russian soldiers in Chechnya to participate in military action, in May this year, the Supreme Court of Chechnya were sentenced to 22 and a half years and 20 years in prison. Russian satellite news reported that Russia’s Supreme Court in October 26th to determine the effectiveness of this judgment. Judgment day, Savchenko wearing a traditional embroidered shirt in Ukraine, black trousers, shouting in the court, the glory belongs to Ukraine! Glory belongs to the hero!" Slogan. "Global Times" 28, citing the Russian business people, said the news, the Russian side of Savchenko’s reaction to Moscow dull. The Russian satellite news 26 reported that the Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov recently told the media that there is no reason to believe that the Moscow Kremlin Ukraine Senator Savchenko came to Moscow to respond, she hasn’t been banned. When asked by the media and the matter, Per Skov said, "we Fuqin of all legal acts, have been completed, she has not been banned. So there’s nothing to react to." Peskov also said that her visit with the Kremlin after consultations, "there is no need for it". However, in Ukraine, Savchenko’s move has sparked controversy, some people support, but it was thought that Savchenko’s move to commit treason and demanded prosecution. According to Russia’s "business people" reported that Savchenko belongs to the opposition party of the motherland to support her action. Tymoshenko, the party leader, said, "I am sorry that our government has not gone to the court to support our partners in russia. Her trip to Moscow was a heroic act." In Ukraine, the majority of Ukraine politicians criticized Savchenko, accusing the traitors and spies, surprisingly, alleged reason was its suspected deals with Moscow Kremlin". Russian media reported that the Ukrainian radical party leader Leah J C said that the Russian prosecution of the smooth trip to Moscow, Savchenko, which is suspect. "Only a fool would believe that she had no prior agreement with rival Moscow and Moscow Kremlin." According to the "Global Times" quoted the Russian news media, from the president Poroshenko parliamentary caucus members said to Savchenko.相关的主题文章: