Beautiful Couture "wicked" revenge return – perhaps life is a series of Sohu, has not picked up. Since he was unable to control their own life, to want to master the long gone past adult, there are a lot of kinds of course can not come to regret, if at that time how, now may not be how, if at that time is not off, Li Ti was sent off in May is who, if the accident did not happen, the town should not have so much…… If people just get rid of the sad words and feel worse, after all, no one is willing to face the disaster twenty-five years ago, even if there is injustice, as long as the broom star in the past, can be buried. Just like the years are in a hurry, time is hard to grasp, the only thing that can be kept is the melody that the old and the young are willing to indulge in. "Wicked orderuniform" (The Dressmaker) to the treacherous atmosphere for the beginning, lay out the truth of the desert town had been buried for years how ridiculous, everyone lived in a small town seems to have many hidden secrets, and at first no one has will confess, probably only can not speak of the sand. Li’s return to childhood left who had not returned home, everything here is like that, even if she had forgotten what things, but that she was taken away in my mind has not erased, and the words of those who face gossip, deep in the minds of young, after so many years, Ti. Finally returning to understand how one thing. Everybody says she killed someone, why didn’t she remember it? Not to mention her, that is, when she saw her daughter was sent away, Molly also can not remember. It’s a pain that’s forgotten. In addition to Ti Li Town, almost everyone has buried the truth, or forget, did not mention, or talk will be crazy arrogance, the whole town with the dust as monotonous, not angry. Ti Li decided to change this simple fashion to dark Town, to let her learned over the years from the international metropolis to complete this play out, so she changed the dried fish woman and transformed the tongued woman, has transformed many residents wary of her, as she folded all the minds of the occasion the challenge really began. The challenge is not only that the townspeople are wary of her, but more about the past that she never knew. I think so, "I said" orderuniform is a suspense movie? Psychological, rather than Chuaizhe fable genre of realistic life, no matter how much to change, justice must be stored in his heart, only put yourself first, it may avoid the years flow away from. Just, that might represent sacrificing someone. We can take their moment to destroy others in the future, this choice, who do? Or who can’t do it? The people of the town had chosen to get rid of annoying little girl, just to get in smooth water surface, everyone heart tugging, perhaps one day will come back, a woman suddenly launched Jedi revenge on you, but that it is interested

美丽复仇回归《恶女订制服》-搜狐      人生也许,是由一连串的不得已接起来的。      从小时候无法掌握自己的生活琐事开始,到长大成人后想去掌握早已逝去的往昔,种种历程都有很多说不上来的遗憾,如果当时怎样了、现在也许就不会怎么了,如果当时缇莉没被送走、被送走的可能就是谁谁谁了,如果当初没有发生那件意外、这座小镇应该也不会有那么多诅咒了……如果,只是人们摆脱愧咎与悲伤的说词,说到底,没人愿意正视二十五年前的那件祸事,纵然有冤屈,只要扫把星不在了,过去都可以掩埋。   就像岁月本就匆匆,时光是抓不住的,唯一能留住的,是那首老少都愿沉醉的旋律。      「恶女订制服」(The Dressmaker)以诡谲气氛为开端,铺陈出这个埋藏了多年真相的荒漠小镇有多荒唐,住在小镇里的每个人好像都藏着许多秘密,而且,第一眼看不出谁心怀鬼胎,会坦白的,大概只有不会说话的砂粒。      缇莉回到童年离开后就不曾回来的故乡,这儿的一切宛如当年,即便她忘记当时究竟发生什么事情,但那年她被送走的光景在脑海里始终没有抹去,那些人的嘴脸与闲言恶语,深深扎在幼小心灵上,过了那么多年,缇莉终于返乡要弄清楚怎么一回事。   人人都说她杀了人,为什么就她记不清楚?   别说她,就是当年见着女儿被送走的莫莉也记不得了。那是伤痛至极的遗忘。      除了缇莉,镇上几乎每个人都极力掩埋真相,要不忘了、就是绝口不提,再不然就是讲起便会失心疯的狂妄,整座城镇跟沙尘一样的单调,没有生气。   缇莉决定以时尚改造这座纯朴灰暗的小镇,她要让自己多年来从国际大都会学到的才能在此彻底发挥出来,于是她改造了鱼干女、改造了毒舌婆,还改造许多对她怀有戒心的居民,正当她要收拢所有人的心思之际,挑战才真正开始。   挑战的,不只小镇居民对她的提防与厌恶,更多的是自己从未清楚了解的过去。      我是这么看的,「恶女订制服」说是一?悬疑心理题材的电影,不如说是揣着寓言体裁的写实人生,不管遭逢多大巨变,正义必须存于自己心底,唯有把自己放在第一位,才可能规避多年流离。只是,那可能代表会去牺牲掉某个家伙。   拿自己现刻的残喘去捣毁他人的未来,这样的抉择,谁做?或,谁不会做?      镇上的人们当年选择除掉惹人厌的小女孩,只为换来表面上的风平浪静,大家内心都揪着,或许哪一天会有个女人突然回来、对大家展开绝地报复,而那天终究是来了,不过,是以居民们没有想过的方式降临,镇上即将掀起一阵风暴,大家知道有什么要发生了,却在好处与美丽之前纷纷臣服。   直到警长出阵。      我实在喜欢这部电影,看起来是标准的报复戏码,却融合了失落已久的亲情、突然罗曼蒂克的爱情、堪称注定的命运、黑幽逗趣的喜剧风格,还有难以捉摸的复杂人心,更别说,知名歌舞电影团队为了电影特地打造多款风情万种的时尚礼服,别说剧中年代,就是现在来看仍会掳获多数女人芳心。男人也是。   最莞尔的,莫过于那个时代对异性渴望的眼神,女人看见大鲜肉男人赤裸上身的急促呼吸,哪里会比男人看到女人半露酥胸猛吞口水来得含蓄呢?      别以为电影看似就要快乐幸福了,要知道,每个人对于幸福快乐的定义不同,垃圾如果不烧掉,满腹委屈与愤恨该怎么消除?丑角的嘴脸如果没有狠狠教训一番,主角怎么大快人心?   也许那真是诅咒吧,早在电影一开始的那卡皮箱,原来缇莉已经预言了自己。      本文章为转载授权,不得转载。   文 城市志相关的主题文章: