What are the Asus 1001PX specs? Asus netbooks have recently gained popularity for being fairly decent and efficient netbooks for web browsing and .puting. Here we have a list of the specifications of the Asus Eee Pc 1001PX, as well as the best places are to find deals. Since its debut in 2010 the Asus Eee Pc 1001PX has been gaining its reputation for its sleek .pact style and its super light weight. The weight and feel of this netbook is .pared to that of a small textbook and at 2.8 pounds it has a LED display of 10.3 inches so its a great netbook that will deliver on your mobile .puting needs. needs. Here Is A List Of The Asus 1001PX specs: Features Intel Atom N450 (1.66GHz, 512KB L2 Cache) 1 GB DDR2 SODIMM memory, Max Capacity 2 GB 160GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM); No optical drive 10.1-Inch Matte 1024X600 WSVGA LED Display; 802.11 b/g/n; 0.3MP Webcam Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life; Windows 7 Starter Operating System Processor, Memory, and Motherboard Hardware Platform: PC Processor: 1.66 hertz Intel Celeron Number of Processors: 1 RAM: 1000 MB RAM Type: SODIMM Memory Slots: 1 Hard Drive Size: 160 GB Type: Serial ATA Ports and Connectivity USB Ports: 2 Cases and Expandability Size (LWH): 10.31 inches, 7.01 inches, 1.44 inches Weight: 2.8 pounds Power Rated Charge (normal use): 4 hours Where Can You Find The Best Deals On The Asus 1001PX? You most likely wont find the Asus model in physical retailers but if you do you will be looking at around $270 at stores like Wal-mart or Bestbuy. The best way to go would be to buy from a .pany who is trustworthy and works with or is associated with the Asus .pany in some way. You can find some good deals on the Asus 1001PX online going for about $250 new and around $230 used. However, be cautious if your think of purchasing from sites like eBay or Craigslist. Its not that you can’t find good deals on sites like those, it’s just that the seller is an average joe who wants to make a quick dollar for selling their used items. These items have a higher chance of being in poor condition, defective, or even broken. If you are considering buying online, make sure that you read the reviews about the dealer who you are considering to buy from – this is especially true for electronics. Also, there should be around 90% positive track record with plenty of positive reviews for the seller so you know that your making a good decision based on other peoples experiences. By: sinuse – A decent approach to begin your hunt would be utilizing a Google seek. In the event that you write "Web Design Hampshire" into Google, it will think of the most suitable organization’s site that it can discover with these … By: michelkein – The Smartphone being the most popular trend in the world these days wherever there is a requirement for mobility mobile .merce is widely used. The world market has accepted these mobile apps using m-.merce extensively. By: michelkein – The various mobile apps iPhone offers us has made our lives simplified. Thousand of apps to take care of thousands of tasks keeps the demand for development rising. By: Chrome Infotech – Designing and developing a website isn’t simple. This is exactly why IT .panies are always on the lookout for new tools that help streamline the process. By: Chrome Infotech – Drupal is an absolute favorite of web developers and bloggers when it .es to content management. By: Chrome Infotech – The current mobile app development trends are shifting so drastically that sometimes it be.es difficult for even the experts to predict the next shift. By: Chrome Infotech – Within a short span of time, Android has be.e one of the most popular mobile operating systems with a global market share of over 80% by the 2nd quarter of 2015. By: Chrome Infotech – Testing software before deployment is an essential part of the development cycle. In every software development or app development team, a few members work as testers. By: alexclark512 – There is good news for Android developers that Google has joined hands with Audacity in order to launch a free course in Android development, and it will be available for all, who have a great interest in building an Andro … By: Vivek Bisht – Here you can learn How to Get Rid of advertisements on Android Browsers and Apps just using inter. ads blocker app. 相关的主题文章: