Apple wants to boost revenue App Store joined the bidding advertising technology Apple Corp – Sohu began last week in App Store enabled search advertising items, the number of applications up to 2 million in the crowded App in Store have been improved by the user that the way of probability, apple is also in the advertising market to increase the ability of a piece, first paid to search the application has to debut in October 5th. Search advertising project is one of the most new measures to improve their revenue of Apple Corp, is Apple’s commitment to the core strategy to improve the service business specialization, open up a new battlefield for the Apple Corp to hesitate to move forward the advertising business. Apple Corp is now very great importance service business in the second quarter earnings release conference call, Apple Corp pointed out that service has increased to $6 billion, services including iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Care, and the most important is App Stores, and the average annual growth rate of 19%, calculated in accordance with the sales price, next year is the "fortune" magazine’s top 100 companies scale. 1 apple move is a mature business model transplanted to a new battlefield, Apple Corp’s new initiatives to remind everyone of Google’s search advertising business. Start Google Play store search advertising business as early as a year before Google, analysts believe that the Apple Corp’s App Store has better search advertising earnings prospects, and Apple Corp to patient observation and prepare for a year, now began to have a heart to participate in this market insiders waiting too long. Online advertising especially mobile Internet advertising market share is Google and Facebook two markets, and advertising is the foundation of the company Google, Google company’s second quarter earnings beautiful from the rapid growth in mobile Internet advertising. In App Store enabled search advertising project, Apple Corp is an increase in revenue will be installed in the engine of an open market. The Apple Corp is also considered the harvest with extreme ease in revenue, the current applications of iOS system with 65% downloads from the App Store search, apple open search advertising can be said to be 42 pounds move, 2 Apple Corp search advertising at present there is no clear price, do not know is in accordance with the number or show the number of charges to download and install as for the lowest bidding price, also can make nothing of it. On the one hand, Apple Corp is cautious, search advertising business is still in the water test stage, on the one hand is the Apple Corp does not want to carry out this business in the early stages of chaos caused by the phenomenon of bad bidding. Apple’s ambitions may be beyond the mobile advertising provides a different solution prior to the search advertising Apple Corp had to try in the advertising business of the above is not successful, App Store in search of guangzhou.相关的主题文章: