Another singer was arrested for drug abuse at drug abuse singer Song Dongye drug was arrested by the public "landlord incident yesterday from a Buddhist perspective and star, a singer of drug-related was arrested. This world with Elysian Fields Elysian Fields is on the contrary, bitter name does not hear, is pleasure; world? Is the name of music can be heard, is suffering. Why can’t we hear the name of music? Are we not happy at all? Buddha told us that the music is not called "music"". "Better" three kind of bitter: bitter, bitter bitter, bad for. "Bitter" is that it is bitter. Illness, love, separation, may not be, all kinds of itself is bitter. "Bad pain" is the person I love to meet, I have a young, I made a great fortune, those in our life, is happy? But the Buddha told us, love to meet people, always have to leave one day, so I love to meet people is in fact a change out of bitter the so-called "the world, there is no feast". Why is a popular song now, play some movies to drugs? Sometimes I observe this social problem, some movies, singing, their artistic talent is very high, these people have a good understanding of Buddhism, if will be very good. Not Buddhist, art, art realm, put yourself to the very high artistic level. Go on, get down, out of touch with the real life, it is bitter. Sometimes I look at those slightly trance singing, sing well, to make the audience intoxicated, his heart is often very painful. He has such a high artistic attainments, sometimes it will be empty, so some people will go to drugs, will engage in homosexuality. This world, you said that is happy? Buddha gives us the definition, it is called "the bad bitter", it turns out, will not always be there, in fact its nature is still bitter. In our world, even a little Ledu is not to be found, are bitter, a "bitter" can put our world summary off. But our world, if you ask for free, you in the bitter sea, to clear clean, can not afford primary afflictions, to seek relief, but great merit. Here one day and night is larger than the pure body and mind, Elysian Fields ten thousand years of spiritual merits. The book is not told us? So from this point of view, if you are awakening, you want to go home, this world is the best of the gas station, the fastest way to get food for buddha.相关的主题文章: