Interior-Decorating If you’ve ever wondered where Roman blinds originated from, you need not wonder any longer. They hail from ancient Rome. It turns out that they were the perfect window covering for the open air homes that ancient Romans lived in. They covered the windows well to prevent dust and sunlight from entering and because they’re heavier then standard cloth blinds, they stood up well to the blowing breeze. Available In Virtually Any Type Of Cloth Imaginable When it comes to adding a decorators touch to your home or office this type of blind is incredibly versatile. They’re available covered in virtually any type of cloth imaginable and at the same time are incredibly simple in function. Also as light blocker, they work exceptionally well. Add to that that there is a beautiful simplicity in their design that features cloth covered wood, aluminum or plastic slats. Two Basic Styles To Make Your Selection From There are two basic types of Roman blinds that are distinctive from one another according to the shape that take when they are drawn up. With the first style, after the blinds are drawn up they sit in a flat stack on the top of the window. The second type or style will sit in what can best be described as a tear drop shape after they have been drawn. This latter style does require a light flexible fabric to function properly. Possibly the Easiest Type Of Blind To Install One more popular selling point of Roman blinds is that of all styles of window coverings or blinds they are perhaps the easiest to install. Their incredibly straight forward mechanism means that just about anyone who can stand and drive a screw into a wall can do the installation and have them working properly when the job is done every time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: