Academician Li Yiyi won the Lifetime Achievement Award – Chinese Metallurgical Science and Technology Beijing Beijing in November 1 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Zhu Mingyu) China Metal Institute 1 news release, the China Metal Association members of the Tenth National Congress, academician Li Yiyi won the lifetime achievement Chinese Metal Institute of Metallurgical Science and technology award. According to the relevant person in charge of the Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Li Yiyi is following Mr. Shi Changxu, the second scientists won the honor. The award aims to promote the development of Metallurgical Science and technology and promote the development of China to make a significant contribution to the experts. It is reported that Li Yiyi is mainly engaged in the research of new materials, phase change work, the development of hydrogen resistant alloys, the preparation of engineering materials and the relationship between microstructure, large castings and forgings visual preparation technology. The six strength levels of steel and alloy series, made a significant contribution to the study of Chinese, low temperature and high pressure hydrogen resistant alloy; Fe-Ni-Cr, Fe-Mn-Al, TiAl, TiNi and other more than ten kinds of alloy development. Academician Li Yiyi adhere to the combination of scientific research and production practice, led the team to break the China equipment in manufacturing of cast steel supporting roller, marine crankshaft, and other large steel ingot casting forging production key bottleneck, for the Three Gorges turbine runner and CRH5 CRH3 EMU high-speed rail to make a significant contribution, with a large nuclear localization frame container, evaporator with high quality precision tube production. (end)相关的主题文章: