How To Differentiate The Original Himalayan Salt Lamps From The Fakes Ones

The salt lamps are some of the products that have several benefits. The lamps are known to offer several benefits to the users. The lamps help to improve on the clarity of the mind, clean the eye and to ensure that you get quality sleep. Most of the lamp dealers are not genuine and you should look for the different features. You should check of the following features to help you know if the salt lamp is genuine.

Getting White Lamps For Close To Nothing

The white Himalayan salt lamps are very costly and rare kind of the lamps. The pink varieties are also some colors that are difficult to get. The white lamps are expensive than the ordinary colors. You need to reconsider your decision on settling for a very cheap white lamp. The white lamps are known to offer most of the health benefits such as detoxification and healing.

Heavy Salt Lamps With Quality Lights

When the salt lamp has maximum, weight it will be difficult for it to produce the natural light. When you have a large lamp which produces excellent lighting, it could be a sign that it is fake.

They Do Not Break Easily

You need to check on the properties of the salt lamp to ensure that it is a genuine one. When purchasing the lamps that are wrongly handled, then they are likely to show some signs of damages. You should avoid the lamps that are tough and which do not get damaged even after wrong handling.

Evaluate The Different Conditions On How They Are Stored And How They Respond

You should test the salt lamp by putting it in a humid area. The standard storage conditions of the salt lamps should be in a cool and dry area. The salt lamp responds to moist areas by shrinking in size. You should test the lamp by wiping the lamp gently with a damp towel. Once it is rubbed the clothe should decolorize.

Lack Of The Benefits

The lamps should be able to produce the result once you are using them. When after sometimes you do not get any of the benefits such as reduced asthma, quality sleep, decreased depressions and stress then something could be wrong with the lamp. You should not expect the lamp to solve most of the problems but they are effective in solving the common problems.

When you are searching for the Himalayan salt lamps, you should ensure that you get the original ones. The genuine lamps ensure that you get most of the benefits that are known with the lamps.

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