A love and hate food, there are so many wonderful species! Good food and drink – Sohu National Day holiday flashed, someone to fly abroad, one train "kengchikengchi", there is a kind of common food but they closely — instant noodles! Instant noodles with believers grow with each passing day, taste is also more and more diverse. Today we have 8 people who dare to try, dare to express good friends, a challenge several distinctive wonderful instant noodles! ??? with the progress of the development of human age around the world of instant noodles instant noodles is not only convenient but also A new force suddenly rises. food is more like a microcosm of the 1 local delicacy) Singapore chilli crab Hand-Pulled Noodle – stamp this figure can buy and experience it produced in Singapore chilli crab from pulling the name you feel the full Singapore style after all, it is a Chili Crab very famous dishes in singapore. Open a bag of instant noodles, sauce and oil, noodles are quite thick, similar to the shape of Hand-Pulled Noodle. When you eat this, be sure to use the pot to boil, only the water is not open bubble. The noodles taste very elastic teeth, love the taste of the good friends do not miss! In line with the characteristics of Singapore delicacy taste, sour and sweet, sweet with Spicy Seafood, crab oil exudes the smell, but mixed with Nanyang special coconut milk flavor. After a variety of flavor fusion…… Well, it’s pretty magical…… Type: noodles flavor: sour, sweet, spicy cakes: rough evaluation group concluded: the taste is unique, love to eat taste or the taste of Singapore Singapore curious babies can try. 2) hot Turkey noodles – stamp this figure can buy and experience – opened two bag bag, a bag is with some red packets, and a bag of vegetables, which is broken and white sesame seaweed. The bread is still relatively coarse type, so be sure to put it on the fire to boil. The red bag cooked noodles, a fan of the smell. Sprinkle with crushed Shanghai moss white sesame noodles, immediately more delicate. Legend of the world’s second spicy instant noodles, we want to start! The noodles taste very moderate size, with elastic teeth, with the sauce straight people swallow slobber. Just eat into the mouth, the feeling is not very hot, but there is a sweet taste. When legitimate questions about it is spicy, like a fire mountain flood outbreak in the body, be caught off guard…… Although Turkey is hot face to blush, but several friends said would come to a bowl. So there is a saying: no Zuo no die… Type: Noodles: spicy flavor! Spicy! Hot! Breadcake: rough evaluation group whether or not to eat spicy spicy noodles, this is very worthy of grass. Because of its taste and taste is very good! Eat spicy friends advice can not be put less chili sauce, or made noodle, and the prepared water consciousness! Water! Water! 3) Penang white curry noodles Penang white curry noodles – stamp this figure can buy and experience it from Malaysia, is said to have also was named the world’s first instant noodles. Noodles are relatively thin, so the cooking time can not be too long. Bubble good surface exudes a rich taste of Southeast Asia, soup floating!相关的主题文章: