Web-Development New iPad, third generation of iPad was launched by Apple on 7 March 2012. No matter what fanboys or haters will say, one thing is for sure, Apple is going to sell millions of these new iPads, pre-orders have been sold out already. Customer response to new iPad has been, what is being called as "off-charts". Apple shipped out 15.4 million iPads in the last quarter of 2012. Amazon.com shipped over 4.7 million Kindle Fire devices, which puts it at second behind Apple in terms of most tablet PCs shipped. But Kindle Fire is not competing with iPad, even revised price of iPad 2 at $399 is way higher than Kindle Fire. Amazon is only able to sell these many tablets because they are selling it rock-bottom cheap, even lower than cost they incur. Amazon seem to care more about selling that content than they do about turning a profit on tablets themselves. Android Tablets have not been able to catch up to iPads popularity in past, and probably they won"t be able to do so in near future atleast. That makes us wonder if there is any tablet with a real potential to compete with iPad. Well seems like there can be one, Windows 8 tablet, when it launches later this year. Here are few points which makes it better competitor than any of the earlier launched tablets. We are talking Windows Windows 8 will be everywhere. Windows still holds a major market share in PC segment, which means that it will be shipped on million of devices by many manufacturers. Apple has been trying to reduce the gap between Desktop and Tablet computing with Mac Lion, Windows 8 will have that advantage from day 1 of its launch. Even if Windows 8 fails on expectations, like Vista, it will have a fair chance at success. ARM Based Processor and more Since Windows 8 Tablets will be based on ARM processor, it can compete with iPad on some highly promoted features like thinness, long battery life and general elegance. Windows 8 will also run on great variety of desktop and portable PCs as well as ones that split the difference between PC and tablet. Because of this versatility of Windows 8, it is seen as a tough competitor to iPads. Solid Selection of Applications Microsoft knows as much as any company on the planet about catering to the interests of third-party developers. Most of the developers who currently write old style Windows apps are presumably at least considering writing new-style Metro ones. This means that Windows 8 will boast of great number of available applications, and we know that availability of high quality apps can very well be a big selling point for any device. Will Windows 8 be able to take the throne off iPad ? It is a mystery that only time will solve. In case you have any tablet or iPad application development requirement, write to us at [email protected] for FREE 30 minutes no obligation consultation with our mobile experts($200 Value). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: