“Excess Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup in beverages are major contributors to obesity in adults and kids alike.  During an episode titled “The War on Sugar” on CBS’s 60 Minutes, a lead researcher revealed that “sugar is toxic” and is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in adults and children, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Pharmacist, personal trainer and author George Tohme refused to sit on the side lines and do nothing. Instead he took a proactive approach to create his Satisfi Tea brand which is a “functional” and healthy beverage. Moreover, as other beverage segments such as sugary soft drink and fruit juices stagnates compounded by FDA inquiries into several major US brands about the health hazards controversy and even several deaths thought to be caused by “Energy Drinks” (3) Tohme saw an opportunity and took action. He created his new beverage brand that not only tastes good but includes “an unrivaled ingredient mix and health benefits that no other beverage brand can claim.” He named it Satisfi Tea “because it satisfies our taste and body” and it is proudly made in Dallas, Texas. It took three years of development, during a time when the US economy was at its worst in decades, until Satisfi Tea was launched in the Texas market. Tohme credits the Small Business Administration (SBA) and their Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) for the growing success of his brand in Texas and other states. Tohme claims “Our health is the sum of lifestyle choices that we make every day. Small actions get us priceless health benefits and we all can make those small steps to improve our health. Selecting a daily healthy beverage and increasing physical activity are a couple favorable lifestyle choices everyone can make. Refrences: (1) National Institute of Health (2) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (3) Pharmacist’s Letter January 2013 About Satisfi Tea:  Satisfi Tea is an innovative functional beverage that combines great taste and natural ingredients belonging to the fastest growing beverage segments: The Ready to Drink Tea, the functional category and the most recent segment of fiber fortification. Satisfi Tea is the only great tasting beverage brand on the market that contains: Green or Black Tea, the Super Fruit “ Acai Berry " and Aloe Vera (organically grown) PLUS: 7 grams of fiber, no sugar added, low calories, vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 3. It contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup, no preservatives, no caffeine, and no flavoring agents. It is also Gluten Free, provides natural energy and due to the high fiber content it promotes a healthy body weight, fullness and curbs hunger. Satisfi Tea makes an excellent daily lifestyle choice for everyone including adults and children especially those who are trying to manage or lose weight and those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, pre diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Satisfi Tea was launched successfully in the Texas market on September 2012 and is available at top chains such as Central Market, many restaurant chains, grocery and specialty shops, Five Star hotels and gifts shops. The demand for Satisfi Tea is growing steadily to other states across the US in the West and East Coast. Satisfi Tea is portion size friendly and is available in four great tasting fruit flavors.       About the Author: George F. Tohme, the founder of Satisfi Tea, is a pharmacist graduate of the Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA in 1987 and currently practicing in Texas. He is certified in diabetes and cholesterol management, smoking cessation, nutrition guidance, and a certified personal trainer. He is a lifestyle makeover expert and conquered his own 17-year battle with obesity. He is the author of Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics, Lifestyle Makeover Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Food-and-Drink 相关的主题文章: