Lecture scene riots Trump was brought down the platform – Emergency agent Sohu news [global network reporter Zhou Jiying reported] according to the CNN (CNN) reported local time on November 5th, the United States Republican presidential candidate Trump is Nevada to preach, but the crowd approached the podium position riots, Trump was therefore carried out emergency agents, a few minutes later to return the scene. Some media said a gunman to assassinate Trump, but was stopped. According to CNN reports, Trump returned, said: "no one can predict that our future will be smooth sailing, but we will not stop. We will not stop. I’d like to thank the agents. They’re great." Then continue to make a speech. Visible from the live video, Trump during the speech, there are two agents rushed to the stage, Trump looked a little surprised at the time. The two agents and one after allowing no explanation, cover of Trump, and took him away, 3 people leaned into backstage seems urgent, in order to avoid becoming the target. CNN said a spokesman for the secret service office did not explain why Trump was taken down. There is a scene of the United States NBC reporter said that a man who caused riots has been arrested, and then locked in the toilet, the relevant personnel are investigating. Witnesses said there was a gun, but law enforcement officials said no guns were found at the scene. According to Hongkong East, Trump used during his campaign rally, assassination attempt. In June this year, Trump held a rally in Las Vegas, a 19 year old British man intent gun snatched police officers at the scene of the body, was arrested on the spot. The suspect confessed to killing Trump, and that the plan has been in preparation for a year.相关的主题文章: