Li Ronghao World Tour Concert in Dalian with a musical tribute to Beijing – ideal new network in October 23 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) the evening of 22, "singing and wit" Li Ronghao with "ideal" world tour to barley Sports Cultural Center (Dalian Sports Center Stadium), singing from the heart with ideal on his way, and make myself drunk for fans. The picture is the concert scene. Photo by Mao Xuemei Li Ronghao in the show, not only for their three album "Li Bai" "model" "not on" "old street" and other classic songs for a new interpretation, sing the new album "wild animal" and "the sun" and other songs. A musical Li Ronghao for Dalian fans sang "if this is not love" "stupid kid" "tonight you will not come" and "endless love for you" four songs, let the fans hooked. The picture is the concert scene. Mao Xuemei. It is understood that a lot of people know Li Ronghao is from "I am a singer", but in fact, as early as 2014 he had with his first original album "model" nominated for the twenty-fifth Taiwan Golden Melody Awards five awards and won the Best Newcomer Award, the transformation from the producer to the singer. Li Ronghao’s singer seems to be a very smooth road, in fact, after more than eight years of latency. The 2016 launch of the new album, Li Ronghao once again launched a new "ideal" world tour, in the stage of hardware, stage design, preparation of the band are relative to the past has been upgraded. (end)相关的主题文章: