The national defense education day yesterday afternoon, Beijing air raid alarms ringing – Sohu news students to exercise in the playground. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran China’s third Saturday of September each year is the national defense education day. Yesterday 15 points to 15:23 in the city ring road outside the air raid alarm, the alarm signal in accordance with the "early warning" and "alert" and "clear" order, each alarm at the time of 3 minutes, 7 minutes apart. According to the arrangement, some schools and community organizations to implement air defense drills. JINGWAH Times reporter Ma Jinfeng air strikes, we ran to the civil air defense works." At 15 yesterday, "pre alarm alarm" sounded from the main building of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, the emergency rescue team under the command of air defense project to the main building of the underground emergency shelter hundreds of participated in the training of students from the classroom, canteen, dormitory, meeting room etc.. The two floor of the gym is practicing martial arts more than a dozen students, but also under the guidance of the teacher, quickly evacuated to the playground. Emergency rescue command students lined up, and demonstrate to the students in the "air raid alert should be how to lie down. At 15:10, "the air raid alarm sounded. All the people quickly down to lie down, her head in her hands, legs apart, when the bomber scene simulation. 15:20, "lift the alert. We count the casualties, and report to the emergency rescue team. Some students put up tents on the playground, simulated emergency rescue and rescue supplies". On the 1 why air raid alarm? Enhance the public awareness of national defense of Beijing civil defense bureau responsible person said that the air raid alarm can not only enhance public awareness of national defense, to enhance public recognition capability of air defense warning sound, and deal with the war and natural disaster self rescue ability. At the same time, you can also check the integrity of the air defense alarm system. 2 alarm sounded after how to do? Carefully distinguish alarm sirens into peacetime and wartime trial. The usual ringing, according to the arrangement, in addition to the organization and implementation of air defense exercises the school and the community, the public can maintain the normal order of life and work in alarm. The ringing, people should try to keep calm, carefully listening. What kind of alarm signal, and then take appropriate measures. 3 Beijing a total of several times? This is the fourth time this year in Beijing in recent years, the trial of the fourth large-scale air raid warning. The first time is at 14:28 on May 19, 2008, in tribute to the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims, for trial in the city; second is the 2014 Beijing Municipal People’s air defense exercises, for trial in Mentougou, Fangshan and Yan Qingsan counties; the third was in September 19, 2015, for trial in the city’s 10 districts.相关的主题文章: