N may be the original title through his back disposition Cross County as secretary: N possible author stroked back punishment Cross County as secretary: Zhu Yongjie Shanxi Lvliang Zhongyang and the junction of North and South bordering Linxian County, the two county secretary of homeland in the punishment even after a post exchange, Zhongyang the former Secretary of homeland Wang Gao to Jiaokou county when Secretary of homeland, Jiaokou County of the former Secretary of homeland Feng Jianping to Zhongyang County as the Secretary of homeland. This wonderful appointment has certain news value, it is necessary to say. (October 8th "JINGWAH times") obviously, county secretary of homeland is the level of cadres, to the county Party Organization Department management. To come up with the county to the county level cadres when the Secretary, very difficult, rarely heard. In general, to the county officials, at least it is promoted to the Deputy level, the municipal organization department management qualifications to do so, otherwise, Zhongyang County Organization Department and Jiaokou County Organization Department because of the same level, who is not who do this urine, into. As for the tacit understanding of the subsequent exchange of duties, who do not suffer, it is possible. This does not, the success of these two counties pilot. According to reports, during King Gao Ren Zhongyang county secretary of homeland do not perform their duties according to law, subject to administrative warning, and Feng Jianping, Jiaokou county secretary of homeland because of dereliction of duty by the party warning. The local committee leaders of the action, the two county Party secretary not to know each other; as for the exchange, two county county Party secretary not to know more. Who is the first to speak, who is a bad idea, we currently do not know. Perhaps, with two Secretary of independent Lvliang city organization departments, although the leapfrog management cadre, hand stretched too long, but the big one officer killed people, it does not care about is possible, they think, not just two small cadre, will make a big noise? Operation of the officials almost no worries, the last bumper is a big mistake to a self correction, you are not monitoring it? Well, I don’t change, where to go, lurking for a while. Most likely, because the intersection of Zhongyang and bordering two counties Secretary of homeland has already become a good man, have been doing well, now suddenly back a punishment, was stuck, another communication exchange, born out of job swap idea. Next, how to operate, in spite of the difficulties, but the basic xinxiangshicheng. For example, for county leaders for the leadership of the city, this is a piece of cake. Perhaps the most likely, that is, two, this is the Lvliang Bureau of land, the work arrangement". The whole country, the land bureau is the vertical management departments, how to use their own people, know in your heart. The vertical Department has his own secret sorrow, you no longer vertical, people are not obedient, you are nothing. For example, Jiaokou County town of Kang, 2010 began poverty transformation involves five villages, two enterprises have contracted land for mining, during this period, the Secretary of homeland or replaced, or can not stand the pressure, open eyes closed eyes as the harvesting of hu. Who do you think the board should hit? How to fight? This Feng Jianping will not lead it? Or dare to lead and arm twist but thigh? The specific situation may be better than Wei相关的主题文章: