Magic animal magic box open " culprit " busy selling Meng Sina entertainment news produced by Warner Bros. pictures, J.K. Rowling first screenwriter 3D fantasy masterwork "magical animal where" will visit the mainland screen in November 25th. Film today (November 11th) released the magic of four groups offer a version of the poster, and then exposed new notice. After the magic preview look smart and sensitive animal, for the first time to show either base or adorable personality, because these "fleeing insurrection" species into four groups of the wizarding world is dangerous, on the magic Congress issued warrant, looking dignified and innocent. Magic animal adorable properties exposed naughty "smelling" exposed it to all the shiny objects greed in the new trailer, sat in the coin box debut, holding a piece of gold on the foot, did not forget to hang a sparkling necklace. The magic zoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne ornaments) and what seems to smell the representations of a face, they reluctantly took the gold to the side the plug and let people adorable little face. The next second, face the confused situation of Jacob (Dan fogler decoration) seems to be a flicker of Newt, wearing a helmet running in the snow, erumpent followed by a head like a rhino. Although the erumpent horn with deadly liquid, pierced by anything will produce explosion, but how to catch up with Jacob slipping in the snow looking lens have a sense of humor. Floating in the air by a bite off the apple, perhaps is the invisible beast practical joke; appearance rate high the bowtruckle to know who spit tongue, also playfully issued the "pop" sound; dangerous and tall nundu, trying to claw "capture" a colorful unknown magic animal, like a naughty cat for the first time; Thunderbird show their skill, flapping their wings caused by lightning and heavy rain, it looks really a Eagles cleaved the sky. momentum…… Curiously, grilled Newt trunk paws which is exposed naughty? The chicken four wanted poster hidden lore story from Newt’s trunk to start, Newt traveled the world to rescue the magical animal were living in vast suitcase. After coming to New York, the new friend Jacob inadvertently put away in a box of animal magic, magic animal escape scene in New York, will hide the magical world to the public, and this is likely to cause uncontrollable consequences. Newt and the newly made three new friends became a "dangerous man" in the wizarding world of North america. The new release of a poster, Newt, Tina (Catherine Watson), Jacob, Queenie (Alison Sue bud ornaments), four were heavily reward on the wanted notice. The details of the poster is very sophisticated, everyone’s "crime" and disposal methods are different, Tina was a proud American magic Congress Luo, after use without permission of magic was demoted to become a clerk. Tina’s younger sister, Melanie, is a teacher who can read other people’s ideas. The magician sister America).相关的主题文章: